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The real ‘power’ Meghan Markle, Harry, Kate and William still have in common

The real ‘power’ Meghan Markle, Harry, Kate and William still have in common

conscious of its spiritual and moral
heritage the Union is founded on the indivisible universal values of human
dignity freedom equality and solidarity it is based on the principles of
democracy in the rule of law it places the individual at the heart of its
activities by establishing the citizenship of the Union and by creating
an area of freedom security and justice the couples he added spoke with urgency
of the causes close to their hearts from climate change to female empowerment
gathering the sympathy and support of both commentators in the public and he
said by doing this they showcased what they have to offer mr. Fitz Williams
told express co uk William spoke of urgency of combating climate change
after their trip to see the melting glaciers in the mountain ranges of
Pakistan Kate also spoke about the importance of family to give children a
fair chance in life they also visited the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer
Hospital and Research Center Diana where she so famously comforted sick children
so important messages were conveyed as intended as well the southern African
tour showed Harry and Megan strengths with their support for their causes
inspiring speeches and informality which they will undoubtedly use to stunning
effect in later tours and Archie’s appearance with Archbishop Tutu was
wonderful in these tours we see what the younger Royals have to offer they are
the ultimate in soft power the tour to Africa which saw Megan remaining in
South Africa to focus on female empowerment gender equality and
education for everyone while Harry traveled across Malawi Angola and
Botswana to retrace the steps of his late mother Princess Diana took place
between September 23 and October 2 less than two weeks later Kate and Prince
William embarked on what Kensington Palace had previously addressed as the
most complex royal tour the Cambridge’s had ever undertaken this statement read
this is the most complex tour undertaken by the Duke and Duchess to date given
the logistical and security considerations Pakistan hosts one of
Britain’s largest overseas networks with the British High Commission in Islamabad
being one of the UK’s largest diplomatic missions in the world Kate and William
travelled on behalf of the Queen and under the request of the Foreign and
Commonwealth Office in a bid to strengthen the ties between London and
the Slama bod speaking of this tour Mr Fitzwilliams had previously said
the care with which the tour to Pakistan has been choreographed has only been
matched by the enormity of the security operation which was involved in
preparing for it obviously William and Kate as the future king and queen
consort are far more formal than Harry and Megan
however imaginative touches have abounded the success of the Pakistan
tour has been partially overshadowed by clips released on its last day ahead of
the ITV documentary focused on the African tour and Megan and Harry’s
struggles and fears this move left senior aides baffled and infuriated and
marked a breach of a key unwritten rule in the royal protocol according to which
members of the royal family should never overshadow events attended by senior
Royals once senior figure set aides were baffled and infuriated adding this move
has certainly overshadowed the Pakistan visit and what has been achieved here
during the last few days as well as a lot of work by an awful lot of dedicated
people here on the ground as well as back home for months

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