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‘They’re wicked!’: Little Mix reveal they’re up for a Blackpink collab as they ‘Answer the Internet’

‘They’re wicked!’: Little Mix reveal they’re up for a Blackpink collab as they ‘Answer the Internet’

Concetta Nelson stop snapping like that
I feel so attached oh she’s snap oh yeah hi my little eggs
so we’re gonna be answering the Internet oh can we get Little Mix meet black pink
– that would be iconic it really wouldn’t happen I agree with
everyone hey you should get Adam I’m surprised you didn’t meet them when you
exceed them and I couldn’t be bang but they were amazing yeah they enjoyed all
right remember when Little Mix had a sleepover
for justice birthday that was the cutest thing ever
I loved their friendship so much that was enough guys leave over it was really
good the whole of the supermarket yes we does we benched we danced we had fun all
right next one are we ready to talk about lgbtq+ Ali Jade Thirlwall from
Little Mix jato from a Twix who actively supports
the community and her fans let’s talk about it yeah she’s a brilliant role
model she’s yes and you do do a lot I think it’s budget brilliant we move only
there were more people like you in the world JJ we do what we can right I’m
Jesse Nelson stop snapping like that I feel so much like oh she’s snap oh yeah bend and snap
I love Twitter at all I wish I was down looking stuff yeah how are you really
all knees biggest fan aren’t you not gonna lie I am oh I love her she’s my
little baby Oh watch your cry baby she need to protect it right do you know
what Little Mix deserve their TV show or at least a movie they are so funny
imagine how iconic that would be thank you and good night extreme we agree yeah
just like our own YouTube personality you know we need something I said it’s
because we we just we’re constantly doing different there’s and I feel like
people will be intrigued by it is we’re so weird well very much but
wonderful Oh Carrie Louise’s just end me oh my god oh my gosh what a day that I
just loved the bridge I thought we were adopting I love that hey I think the
pink was the best idea it was a good plane I was being read by Mike all those
boys we wait for our next oh this is from at woman like me great hitting
dizzily I need a housekeeper a volunteer no tell me what good lookin around that
house no the more help the merrier so honestly we need it I hate it just your
ha no my gosh in there it’s just bad imagine up in the balls and cream I know
is that I wear shoes then what in my house shoes on in my room Little Mix
owning my entire bar it’s more like salute always gets me hype because
that’s something because you’re not dumb yeah there’s BC better because so it
always gets me hyper cuz we’re looking for recruits like okay please recruit me
Little Mix fifth member up for grabs here that’s cute
I feel like all our fans for fifth member yeah and they know every dance
routine they know every word I just live lyddie me question mark
crying about Little Mix this friendship yes absolutely what I’m doing we
actually do have days when we cry about our friendship
yeah watch your back videos and be like yeah we do right slow performances and
how far we’ve come no emotion oh this is from at Lee’s
neither nice good night I just want that good night this should be a comedy nice
good night I just want to be Jay say well is that too much that it’s not but
I mean you know what it would in the natural beauties got the brain hence
looking at the oh one Chris one question it should do is a group yeah I meant it
as a group yes it’s done really well of us well I want its little mixed up
is it too much to us we should put this in the message in a bottle and put it in
the scene what I think brain we love Ariana she said she really everything
kanji has she’s a good change the core jihun thanks guys for all your
rhetorical questions yep we love you all very much and that
was lots of fun stay young drink lots of water

100 comments on “‘They’re wicked!’: Little Mix reveal they’re up for a Blackpink collab as they ‘Answer the Internet’

  1. 2:47
    Leigh-Anne: You know what I would be happy with? Just like our own Youtube Channel series or something like…
    Jesy: Why can't we?
    Perrie -being her usual self-: wE'rE jUsT bUrStInG wItH pErSoNaLiTy, yOu kNoW?

    A few seconds later

    Jade: We're a bit weird aren't we?
    Leigh-Anne: We're so weird.
    Perrie: We are very odd-
    Jesy: Weird but wonderful.

  2. Aside from their exceptional vocals, their true friendship is ooohh sooo admirable 💟💟💟.
    Looking forward to the first and last questions 😘

  3. Hate black pink!hate kpop!
    Love little mix💜
    Love little mix💙
    Love little mix💜
    Lovd little mix💙

  4. I think black pink and little mix are the most amazing two groups there looks singing dancing songs personality hearts bets 2 groups

  5. Can we all find a way to make that YouTube series happen please! Thank you, next 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

  6. Just vlog your lives daily like bak in the beginning !! That could be your YT series 💖💖👌🏻👌🏻

  7. I came here to watch the girls but the advertisement got me through, guess what?? BTS Jimin Serendipity 💜

  8. I am a huge fan of little mix but I swear any song they make with Ariana grande I will not listen to. Talk about me all u want I’m not finna respond I stand by my opinion.

  9. Ok so I heard that some people say that lm are famous only in UK, I am from Greece and little mix's songs are really popular here
    (sorry for my bad English)

  10. 💡 I have a YouTube series idea for them, since they said they do many different things, they could document them or something like that. It could be called The Little Diaries, just an idea though

  11. Little Mix look wants to collab with them so bad

    First of all im not a fan of kpop
    But My friend who is BLINK Said YG kept hiding them so it’s Difficult for artist to collab with them

  12. Great job hun so many toxic comments defending and attacking bp just stop honestly this video is about little mix go argue about how shit or amazing they are in a BP VIDEO jeez can’t even enjoy a comment section when bp is involved they’re always ‘OmG bP Is SoO TaLENteD’ and someone ‘bP IS SHit’ like wtf stop being an idiot and leave for mixers or blinkmixers(noimnotone) to comment I may not like bp but at least i respect them and if i find them untalented or talented thats my business now shut up and enjoy little mix

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