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Top 10 Celebrity Lookalikes Doppelgangers

Top 10 Celebrity Lookalikes Doppelgangers

Hey Youtube! Jim Here, Welcome to the Top10Archive! If you’re a believer of the Doppelganger
theory, that there is another you walking around the world somewhere, perhaps you’ve
seen the number of duplicates in Hollywood as well. I personally think these sets of Celebrity
lookalikes are hiding something. Are they long-lost twins? Are their parents related? Are they sperm donations shipped across the
world and raised in totally separate families? Ok, I’ll take the wrong on this one, they
probably just look alike. These celebrities, though, they are so eerily
similar that I can’t help but wonder. If anyone sees a Jim lookalike out there,
let me know! And no, don’t EVEN say Colonel Sanders or
Kenny Rogers – I’ve heard that enough from you guys, thank you. But before we get started, why not become
an archivist today by clicking that subscribe button and notification bell so you don’t
miss out on any future uploads! If you end up enjoying this video, let us
know by giving it a thumbs up and in the comment section, tell us which celebrity you look
like the most! 10. Bret Ernst and Joaquin Phoenix
The American Stand-up comedian Bret Ernst found out about two years ago after a comedy
set that Twitter was all over him. Not for being funny like he’s known for, but
because the internet finally realized that he looked just like Joaquin Rafael Phoenix,
another actor, and producer. I can’t help but agree, just look at them! The thick eyebrows, the structure of their
face, the shape of the eyes, they could easily be brothers! If they ever needed backup during the filming
of the Joker movie, in which Phoenix stars, I hope the producers thought to bring in Bret! Or even better, that they will do a sequel
called “The Jokers” and feature them both! Ah, sometimes I blow myself away with my ideas. 9. Jeffrey Tambor and Vincent Schiavelli
Number nine on our list may not be the most obvious lookalike pair but you really have
to catch the angles. Tambor is a talented actor famous for a variety
of roles on The Larry Sanders Show, Arrested Development, and Transparent. Vince Schiavelli was also an actor, he dabbled
in food writing and was known as the “Get off my train” guy from the movie, Ghost. Perhaps their similarities would have gone
unnoticed if E! Star Ryan Seacrest hasn’t mistaken one for the other on his show Live
with Kelly and Ryan. Jeffrey Tambor was a guest on the show and
Seacrest told him how, to him, he’d “always be the scary guy on the subway in Ghost.” Tambor takes a moment and then pokes fun at
Seacrest saying “oh, this is bad, you’re going to be embarrassed.” He then played it up joking about how the
show wanted Schiavelli but the actor was dead so they settled for him. It all ended in good fun, but suddenly the
world was aware, more than ever before, of the likeness between the two. In fact, Tambor admitted he’s had a waiter
quote the movie to him in Rome to his total surprise. Luckily, he’s a good sport. 8. Jason Bateman and Robert Herjavec
Since his hit series Ozark, and after Arrested Development, Jason Bateman is a well-known
name in pop culture. His face is familiar to us like that of an
estranged uncle we see every few years with a few more worry lines and another Emmy nomination. Robert Herjavec, however, is the lesser-known
Canadian businessman turned TV star on Shark Tank. He’s also starred in Dancing with the Stars. If you really look at Herjavec, though, deep
into his eyes, it’s as if he already lived the life of Jason Bateman, and then turned
into a businessman, after growing very, very tired. I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. A tweet from five years ago states that this
was a theory from way before I started looking at them twice. Another tweeter even thought that Bateman
was playing Herjavec in the movie Office Christmas Party. 7. Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly
Number seven is uncanny. If they weren’t from entirely separate countries
I would actually joust someone about these two being related, and that’s not something
I say often. Jaime Pressly is a hilarious actress and model. She’s acted on several sitcoms like My Name
is Earl, and Mom. Margot Robbie is an Australian actress famous
after appearing as Harley Quinn on the Suicide Squad movie. Since they’re on this list, of course, they
look alike. But more impressive yet, is the fact that
they were born over a decade apart. First of all, that just means that Margot
Robbie Stole Jaime Pressly’s face. Second, that means Pressly looks impressively
young! Maybe Pressly is secretly Robbie’s mother. Did she live in Australia years ago? There must be a conspiracy somewhere! 6. Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon
To be mistaken for a Hollywood actor can hardly be insulting. When people tell me they saw someone who looks
like me, I never want to see the swamp monster they’re referring to. Our number six on the list, though, doesn’t
really bare that much of a resemblance, but I might be the only one who thinks that. With Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon, two well-known
Hollywood actors, any mention of resemblance is plain flattery. Wahlberg even stated in an interview that
he constantly gets compliments for the Bourne Identity and Damon gets comments for Ted and
other movies Mark has done. They both shrug it off and say “thank you”
and move along, which is what I would do if I were compared to any actor, even B-list,
literally anyone. 5. Maureen McCormick and Christine Taylor
Maureen McCormick is best known for playing Marcia Brady on The 70’s hit “The Brady
Bunch”. She’s acted in a variety of spin-offs and
other roles in her career, even playing Rizzo in “Grease”. She later moved to recording albums with the
Brady Bunch and on her own. She’s now in her 60s. Her Doppelganger, which is no secret to anyone,
is Christine Taylor. Clearly, their resemblance was seen eons before
it was widely known to anyone besides Christine’s friends, as Taylor later actually played McCormick’s
Brady Bunch character in The Brady Bunch Movie and A Very Brady Sequel. Taylor is almost 20 years younger than McCormick,
but they definitely look alike. 4. Samuel L Jackson and Laurence Fishburne
While these two aren’t quite identical, the amount of time they’ve been getting
confused for one another is sort of outstanding. According to Laurence Fishbourne, the actor,
playwright, producer and director best-known for his role in The Matrix, it’s been happening
for 25 years! He said he was grateful to Samuel for calling
out a TV reporter who said it on television. Jackson told the anchor, after being asked
about a Superbowl commercial: “You’re as crazy as the people on Twitter, I’m not
Laurence Fishburne! We don’t all look alike!” Which was very embarrassing for them, to say
the least. Jackson is also frequently mistaken for Morgan
Freeman, which, honestly bears much more of a resemblance, if you ask me. 3. Will Ferrell and Chad Smith
Number three on our list is a much more popular opinion. They’ve been on Jimmy Fallon and exploited
their likeness for all kinds of laughs. What can we say? They just look so alike! Will Ferrel is, of course, one of the funniest
men of our era’s television and film, famous for his roles in lots of movies like Elf and
Anchorman, his hilarious skits on Saturday Night Live, and lots more. On the other hand, Chad Smith leads a very
different life. Smith is the drummer for the Red Hot Chili
Peppers who happens to have basically the same face. Their likeness hit an all-new and entertaining
high when they wore the same clothes to The Tonight Show and even did a drum-off. Who knew Will Ferrel could play drums? 2. Dax Shepard and Zach Braff
Zach Braff is an actor, director, screenwriter and producer born in the U.S. He is, to everyone I know, J.D. from the TV
show “Scrubs”. Dax Shepard, on the other hand is an actor,
director, and…wait, they do a lot of the same. He’s known for his role in the film “Without
a Paddle,” “Zathura: A Space Adventure,” among others. While Dax’s and Zach’s professional lives
haven’t crossed paths much, they do have very similar features. The only difference is that Zach’s features
are a little more rugged, while Dax looks like he’s been airbrushed to perfection. Dax’s wife Kristen Bell, lead actress in
“The Good Place” mentioned the likeness with a Face Swap photo in which the two actors
still looked the exact same! 1. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Donald Faison
Cuba Gooding Jr is known for his role in Boyz n the Hood, but he’s been in lots of films. He also played OJ Simpson in the hit series
American Crime Story. He was a little short for the role, but I
loved him nonetheless. Donald Faison is best known for working side-by-side
with another one of our Doppelgangers, Zach Braff. His role as Chris Turk in Scrubs marked him
for his hilarity and good looks. He’s also starred in Remember the Titans,
and Kick-Ass 2 as Dr. Gravity, among other movies. They’re close in age and work in the same
industry, they’re both charming and funny. On top of that, a lot of their facial features
are similar, with almond eyes, similar noses, and near-identical smiles.

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