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Top 10 Cool Celebrities Who Are Down To Earth

Top 10 Cool Celebrities Who Are Down To Earth

Welcome to Top10Archive! Isn’t it just depressing when you find out
that your favorite celebrity is, in real life, a big, giant di… unfriendly person? Thankfully, not all the world’s most well-known
figures fit into an unfavorable category. In fact, many are so devoted to their fans,
that they go out of their way to show their appreciation, like these ten individuals found
in our 2nd installment of the 10 friendliest celebrities! 10. Rupert Grint
All eyes may tend to gravitate towards the titular character of Harry Potter and the
actor portraying him, but Daniel Radcliff’s red-headed co-star should be getting an equal
share of the limelight. The ginger actor, who got his start with Harry
Potter and has led a modest career since, has done plenty for his fans. At one point, Grint became so comfortable
with fans that he wound up at a fan’s house, a drag queen who proceeded to dress the actor
as a woman. Afterward, donning high heels and a feather
boa, Grint and his new friends went to get bagels in public. Though Grint broke fans’ hearts by stating
Hermione and Ron would have gotten divorced, he loves those that admire him and is always
keen on stopping for an autograph and picture. 9. Beyonce
From Facetiming with a fan in the middle of her concert to bringing a cancer-stricken
fan to tears in a different performance, Beyonce obviously has a thing for making her fans
smile. Simple actions like devoting a portion of
her website to photos that her fans send her to indicate that the love she receives isn’t
lost. Impromptu photos, fan meet-and-greets, mid-performance
selfies, unexpectedly including audience members in her concert, joining a New York City flash
mob – there seems to be little Bey won’t do to give her fans a delight they likely
never expected. 8. Selena Gomez
When it comes to her fans, Miss Gomez doesn’t play around. She loves them and at every opportunity she
gets, the singer is sure to show it. Despite fame and the busy schedule it comes
with, Selena has stopped to shower her admirers in affection, apologize to them on social
media for a missed encounter, and countless times has stopped for close-up selfies and
photo ops. While some celebrities have grown cold to
fan attention, Gomez is still humbled by the outpouring of love she receives, as seen during
a 2016 performance where she stopped the show to thank them for hundreds of unexpected signs. 7. Taylor Swift
Thanks to Swift’s very public love life, the young singer tends to get a bad rap, but
despite being portrayed as a bad date, she’s a sweetheart to her fans. Wondering just how far off that negative image
of her is? Consider that through the course of her relatively
short career, Swift has gone out of her way to meet several of her fans, including 7-year-old
Dylan, who she danced with after his dance video found its way onto The Ellen DeGeneres
Show and the 96-year-old World War II vet who connected with his grandchildren over
Swift’s songs. Taylor has also helped pay off a fan’s student
loans and even invited a family to her apartment in New York for Valentine’s Day festivities. 6. Zac Efron
For some, it’s Efron’s charming smile that’s impossible to resist. For others, it’s his impossibly sweet demeanor
towards fans. One of his most notable adoring acts came
from a scenario that some celebrities would scoff at and brush off. While filming the Baywatch reboot, Efron was
being chased down by a fan for a photo when his pursuer dropped his iPhone, shattering
it. Rather than shrug it off as an act of fate
and return to filming, Efron spent almost $1,000 to replace the phone and brought the
persistent admirer on set. If that’s not indication enough, Efron has
also voiced his love of chatting with his fans. 5. Miley Cyrus
Cyrus’ career may have taken her from America’s sweetheart to the sister you try to hide from
your in-laws, but no matter what the public seems to verbalize, Cyrus is always there
for her fans. Actions as simple as impromptu photo shoots
are just the tip of the iceberg for the young star’s niceties. Cyrus has even extended her hand to the less
fortunate, reaching out to homeless youth. She even went so far as to have a formerly
homeless fan accept her Video of the Year award at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards on
behalf of runaways and homeless youth. 4. Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may have started his professional life raising an eyebrow to
opposing wrestlers, but he’s since morphed into a Hollywood action hero, YouTuber and
an overall nice-guy. The very busy actor has erupted onto the big
screen to become quite the star, but that hasn’t kept him from appreciating those
that helped build his career. Despite a busy schedule, Johnson has stopped
workouts to pose with members of the Livestrong Foundation; worked with many charitable organizations
including Make-A-Wish, Kids Wish Network, Parkinson Society Maritime Region, Red Cross,
Until There’s a Cure, and Starlight Children’s Foundation; interacts with fans personally
through social media, and is always willing to pose for photos while out and about. 3. Keanu Reeves
On top of being incredibly humble and down to Earth, The Matrix and John Wick star is
also known for having one of the kindest hearts in Hollywood. From putting his life on hold to care for
his sister, Kim – who had been diagnosed with leukemia – to offering his seat on a busy
subway to a random bystander, to sharing time with the homeless of West Hollywood, there
doesn’t seem to be an unkind bone in this man’s body. When it comes to his fans, there are no bodyguards
blocking him off and he’s always willing to stop for a photo op. Even while leaving the airport, the actor
doesn’t gripe about the dozens of fans that stop him for a photo. There’s even a story about Keanu pulling
over on the highway to help jumpstart somebody’s car. 2. Johnny Depp
When you’ve been in as many child-friendly movies as Johnny Depp, portraying dozens of
memorable and lovable characters, one must have some appreciation for the admirers they’ve
garnered. Depp may have been wrapped up in quite the
scandal, but that hasn’t stopped him from being humbled by the outpouring of love and
support he still receives. At the 2017 People’s Choice Awards, Depp
dedicated his speech to his fans, but he’s always been there for his cherished followers. From countless visits in costume to hospitalized
fans to ignoring his security’s urgings to cease an impromptu meet and greet after
filming, Depp may be shy, but he is sure to open up to those that look up to him. On top of being loyal to his fans, Depp is
also an activist and played a huge role in helping free The West Memphis Three, 3 boys
who were sentenced to life in prison for crimes that they allegedly didn’t commit, but were
linked to the crime by a corrupt justice system in West Memphis, Arkansas. 1. Oprah Winfrey
The former talk show host may get the occasional bad rap for being racist, showy, and outspoken,
but if her career in the spotlight has shown anything, it’s that she cares quite a bit
about those that support her. She’s always been one to give away items
to her studio audience, but her kindness and generosity doesn’t stop there. When one person jokingly contacted her on
Twitter and asked for the dress she wore on an issue of Essence, Oprah was more than happy
to oblige and actually sent the dress out. During the Oprah Winfrey show, she was known
for giving away more prizes than the Price is Right, often shoveling out 100’s of TV’s,
cars, and even trips around the world. And, thanks to these give-a-ways, the internet
is now filled with even more wonderful memes.

100 comments on “Top 10 Cool Celebrities Who Are Down To Earth

  1. It's always cool to see them appreciate fans. Without them they wouldn't be relavent. Don't see why ppl are putting a thumbs down…like really!!! lol

  2. I already knew Taylor Swift would be here. She recently give $115k dollars for LGBT rights. Such a good role model and a generous queen ❤️

  3. Imagine they are all famous, beautiful, handsome but still down to earth, may the Almighty God bless and takes care of them all….

  4. Celebrities are human????? Waw I always thought Hollywood sold us these people as gods waaaaw amaaazing I just woke up from this system amaaazing

  5. Lol Taylor Swift went to the same high school as someone Ik and they said that she was a very stuck up person

  6. I'm going to do a little lamb but I'm going to say it bunch of bleeding-heart liberals although I love some of these people

  7. Uhm, Keanu is the best to everyone not just his fans. He doesn't do it for publicity and being fake.

  8. With Keanu, it's all about Karma. Look back at his life as a child, he's appreciative of what he has and how he got where he is. Do right by others and be humble…regardless of your fame and wealth. Thanks for the vid.

  9. WTF. Keanu is number. Get your facts straight. Keanu is the most down to earth, the others is just there for the funs. Change your title to "TOP 10 kindest celebs to funs. Wasted my time watching this.

  10. The only , one I don't like is Oprah Winfrey . Although I don't know her . It's her politics and her real life character lies . She's fake . In my opinion .

  11. They probably should've named the title celebrities who are humble or who love their fans, cuz those were the words I heard the most throughout the video. Plus, the stuff they spoke about didn't really seem to fall in line with being down to earth. I mean, I don't disagree with the video itself, they are great picks for the list. It's just the down to earth part didn't seem to come across from the narration, idk……I could be wrong tho of course.

  12. Keanu is only real guy here. All others do it to gain fans and for publicity. Ok J Deep is also cool guy along with Rock. Others are only kids hungry for fans. Cant put em in same list. Come on…

  13. LOL….Miley Cyrus….she let's her fans touch her pussy at her concerts. If that ain't fan devotion, I don't know what is. Keanu is the best.

  14. You fucking idiot. Keanu Reeves must be in No.1 position. He is the nicest celebrity ever. Like here if you come here for Keanu only

  15. Taylor swift got a radio presenter fired for placing his arm around her for a photo…. yea she seems real down to earth ….

  16. Apart from keanue, Dwyane and Rupert, I have heard really mean stories about all the others.. I think Keanue should be on the top.

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  18. I would like to say that there are people who are more worthy of the generosity award, than these celebrities, like those who work in hospitals, rest homes, orphanages, disadvantaged families, disabled and elderly people, and Christian missionaries who work in remote or dangerous areas in the world. I consider these people to be more worthy, to be honored for what they do, to put it bluntly.

  19. This is awesome as compared to the likes of Meryl Stripp, whose treatment of a fan in a plane took her off lists of actors I admire

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