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Top 10 Dumb Things Said By Celebrities

Top 10 Dumb Things Said By Celebrities

100 comments on “Top 10 Dumb Things Said By Celebrities

  1. #1 should have gone to R Kelly because its a political statement heard by lots of US citizens which has endless ramifications.

  2. For Sean Connery, What?! I don’t understand the argument?? I thought we’ve all finally learned that women are 100% equal to men. I personally don’t think there’s reason for physical violence but, if it did happen, what makes a women different from a man in that she’s off limits?

  3. Sean Connery is so damn right and so damn fucking honest. He couldn't have cared less what walters or anybody else thought, he spoke his mind and didn't give a fuck. THAT, is a real man and i mean man as in human being.
    If a woman hits me (which would be a REALLY stupid thing to do because i am 2 meters tall and i have been practicing Krav Maga and L.I.N.E for decades on top of other martial arts, i will give her only one chance to apologize and get the fuck out of my sight. After that i will try not to send her to the ER, but she will feel the bruise for a few days. I couldn't give less of a fuck if it is a woman or a man. I would never start a fight with a guy bigger or stringer than me, because i know i might lose, but if i start one, i will not hide behind the fact that i might not be as strong as my opponent. If i start shit then i'll deal with the consequences. So being a woman doesn't protect you from getting hit back if YOU start hitting first. Use your brain before using your fist, we all do it.
    This being said i would never lay a finger on a woman, (quite literally) but i am happily married and we have two daughters and i always taught my daughters never to use the fact that they are women as an excuse for anything. If they want to be respected and appreciated and be treated as equal (which i believe women are to men) then they must put with as much shit as women as we do as men , which includes getting hit back if they start a fight. I also tell her , never to start a fight and to use their brain to avoid getting themselves into any violent or dangerous situation.
    But Sean is right, it's no biggie.

  4. Sean Connery was correct, it all depends on the situation. It doesn't matter if it's male or female because in the end the rule applies to all human beings. The concept is that one shouldn't take advantage of his superior strenght to physically abuse someone weaker (doesn't necessarily have to be a woman. We could be talking about a big dude attacking a smaller guy, for example). But then again, it all comes down to the situation! What if the weaker person decides to take advantage of her "untouchable status" and use force to hurt the stronger person? Is the stronger person prohibited to fight back and must remain in the receiving end of the abuse? Of course not! So, the rule is simple: if you decide to use physical violence, EXPECT to get some back! That's true for everyone, male or female. [but, as Sean said, i would give a woman the courtesy of a less brutal hit, even if she didn't deserve it].
    As for "i'd rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can", what's the problem with it? It's just a bit of honesty from someone brave enough to say it. Hey, i'd say the same. I'm not a big fan of cheese, and crack is a very pleasurable substance, so why shouldn't there be sense in those words?

  5. They are celbs not rocket scientists of brain surgeons. They are meant entertain not educate us. We should except them to occasionally say dumb things . We all say dumb things noone is perfect.

  6. We won't know these things if it wasn't for the media. Or internet. Nobody makes sense all the time. Let's not be harsh on them

  7. Clueless did have memorible lines. And did have a message about friends, fitting in & even clueless people can get a clue. No body can spell probably any more anyway. Even with auto correct. If you put a camera on anyone even civilians long enough you will find them saying stupid things.

  8. Insulting someone even a celebrity on a personal level is harsh. Insult the opinion not the person. After all to err is human & forgive is divine. Besides I love Charlie sheen compared to most celbs even when doesn't make he makes more sense than most of them. He is not only a rock start from Mars he's a rock scientist in comparison to most people in. Holly-weird.

  9. Hello….Hello….anybody home think MCFly think! I'm talking about Your old man Marty MCFly who flushed his life completely down the toilet.

  10. Sheen actually won. He is still a star, although not as big as he was, and the show sucked so much after he left.

  11. well jayden smith speaks the truth when he says school is the tool to brainwash the youth. that shit is a fact.

  12. And there are so many people who idolize these clowns. They put them on a pedestal and praise them. They have subscriptions to "People" magazine every week to see what's going on in their lives because there life is so pathetic they have nothing else. These asshats are good for entertainment only. Don't take them seriously. Don't look to them for political insight or religious connection.

  13. i spit my soda out on #1…Paris please STFU YOU SPOIL SKINNY FLATASS DUMB BLONDE!..and I saw that so called sex tape…MEDIOCRE PERFORMANCE..GO TAKE SEX LESSONS PLEASE

  14. Most celebrities are simply trained to read from a script. They have no cognitive abilities of their fact if they were to shake their heads it would sound like an empty can of spray paint

  15. A girl I dated asked me how the car in front of us got both of their turn signals turned on at the same time. I told her that was a feature on newer cars that would let people know they weren’t sure which way they were going to turn. She told her dad that she needed that and to make sure it was included when he got her a new car for graduation. She was so much fun.

  16. 7:46 I feel like there's some truth in "it's fine to hit a women in CERTAIN circumstances", but I understand that's still a terrible thing to say.

  17. Compiling a top ten list of stupid celebrity statements is next to impossible. Now if you want to compile a top one thousand, we can talk–you'll just have to update it hourly. Frankly, I can't believe Gwyneth Paltrow didn't make this list.

  18. I’m sorry but you can’t want to be equal to a man and then get upset when a man hits you because if you’re an equal it’s just a person hitting another person.

  19. Gwyneth's comment about rather smoking crack than eating can cheese doesn't seem that crazy for her being a health nut. She probably never has touched the stuff, she might have touched crack.

  20. You could interchange the minds/bodies of Donald Trump and Justin Bieber and no one would be able to tell the difference. "Seriously though, I just wanna say, I think Anne Frank was a great woman, she did great things during her life, and if she was alive today, I'm sure she'd be a Trump supporter."

  21. Really Paris? Come to my world, you wouldn't survive one night in mine! But you know what, i dont play victim. I am happy with my life.

  22. Tara Ried sound stoned and normal white westerners just like the word ORANG HUTAN.
    I'm with 007…if the person try to kill you🤣🤣
    A.Frank won't say anything about Beiber.
    C.Sheen is stoned 80% of his life.
    In P.Hilton's case, l'm not going to judge her b'coz l have no idea about her lifestyle, and it just make me feel dumb just by the small tiny info from tabloids and talk shows..W.MoJo is a tabloid level journalism.

  23. I feel like Kanye actually isn’t well, it’s not funny. And I don’t think that the Justin thing about Anne Frank is that bad. Maybe she would have been a belieber 🤷🏼‍♀️

  24. fuck that, i agree with Sean. 👏 cause if a woman puts her hands on me knowing that "mEn hAvE mOrE pOwEr tHaN hEr", THAT'S HER FAULT. 😽💅

  25. School is the Tool to Brainwash the Youth – Jaden Smith
    That ain't totally wrong when teachers try to talk about politics with students.

  26. This makes me remember that earlier today I was thinking about "to each their own, said the maid as she kissed her cow" and was honestly wondering if the cow would really go for something like that.

  27. HERE IS THE PROBLEM: Tom Cruise is a maniac, scientology is crazy, but let me tell you: he is right. History of psychiatry is enough to make entire psychiatry look like we're insane for allowing it to exist. He is COMPLETELY right in that. In 1887 one of the reasons to qualify to a psych ward was novel reading, female humors, uterine hysteria, being a woman interested in politics, etc. So he is crazy, but this – he is completely right with. Psychiatry always was abusing patients – being gay stopped being insane in 1986 if I am correct according to DSM, the Bible of psychiatry. So let's just take a moment, read about psychiatry, scream with fear for few minutes and then acknowledge crazy people who are wrong can also be right about something. Anyone who knows anything about history of psychiatry would immediately agree with Cruise and that's the reality.

  28. I have no love for Kanye….. only hate for that brainless douchebag.
    I am hoping Jaden Smith is not nearly as stupid.
    Hitting a woman is no biggie, they get away with abusing men mentally, verbally, emotionally AND physically. Poor Sean Connery. Fuckers taking his words completely put of context and stretching it out.
    Well, Jessica Simpson is an idiot.
    Justin Beiber is a brainless idiot, this has been proven. He's only famous because he was cute.
    Charlie Sheen is just an egotistical idiot.
    Paris Hilton…. rich brainless bitch doesn't know what suffering is.

  29. WatchMojo is definitely my litmus test for what is dumb and what is not. They are everything that is right with the internet. Why am I watching this?

  30. did you factor age into this list? Young people are for the most part stupid…. meaning they don't have enough life experience to answer some of the questions….

  31. A game show question: "Budapest is the capital of what European country?"
    Country Music singer Kellie Pickler replied: "I thought Europe was a country… Bud… Budapest? I know they speak French there. Is France a country? I don't think France is a country…"

  32. And women call men sexist if a woman hits a man women think nothing of it but god forbid if a man hits a women for hitting him I mean just stand there and take it sean Connery is right

  33. Jayden Smith would be an absolute nobody if it wasn’t for his fathers nepotism and determination to buy his talentless son a career in Hollywood. He’s a sheltered little twit that lives in a little bubble far far away from the real world. Why anyone would listen to a word out of his mouth is far beyond me.

  34. a person should not hit another person, man or woman, without any reason. but if there is a valid reason, say for defending yourself, its ok to hit a woman !!

  35. The secret to kill all these countless asinine, dimwitted, incorrigible, ignorant, pretentious, manipulative, stupid ass motherfuckas is to not spread their LIES and BUY their shit. Quite simple. If you're like them–excellent. If you hate them—excellent. But remember, they're like laxatives, it's hella shit to pay for. And yeah, this is my quote nigga, I have the acumen for it. Steal and use, which I doubt any one of you niggas will do. –Luis Barahona

  36. To be honest, Connery had nothing to apologize for about his statement. Of course violence is wrong regardless of gender, but hitting a woman is in no way worse than hitting a man. As a woman myself, I think believing otherwise is far more sexist, because all it does is acknowledge a weakness.

  37. Where are the democratic retards , Robert Deniro, Alec Baldwin, Chelsea Hander etc etc. You would need a top 1000 to list all the wack jobs.

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