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Top 10 Great Actors With Cursed Careers

Top 10 Great Actors With Cursed Careers

Now, we love superstitions over here on Top
10 Beyond the Screen, and as we know, there are many accounts of cursed movies and movie
franchise — however, we have yet to touch on the cursed careers of some of Hollywood’s
most beloved actors. So today on Beyond the Screen, we’re going
to be counting down our list of the Top 10 Great Actors With Cursed Careers. Before we begin though, be sure to stick around
until the end of the video where I’ll be responding to some of your comments. And with that, let’s jump in. 10 Tara Reid who has the Girl Next Door curse,
also known as the Hot Girl curse. I mean if I was going to have a curse I think
I’d want this one. She was once riding high starring in the wildly
successful movie series: American Pie. Tara played a hot babe named Vicky and even
made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine during that time, which basically confirms that you’re
hot shit in Hollywood. Looking back on her career now, she said she
hoped that American Pie would be the springboard for her entire career but instead it kind
of dropped once the series was over. She was often looked at as the girl next door
and only ever booked roles of that nature. It might not seem like a bad thing to us,
being the hot girl in movies, but she admitted during an interview that no one ever respected
her or took her seriously. This pressure is also what caused her to get
plastic surgery which ended up making things worse. In 2004 she had a breast augmentation done
which left her with rippled skin all over stomach. She said: my stomach became the most ripply,
bulgy thing. I had a hernia, this huge bump next to my
belly button. As a result, I couldn’t wear a bikini. I lost a lot of work. Since she could no longer book the hot girl
role, she was pretty much out of work. 9 Jerry O’Connell 
Now this former icon is suffering from the showkiller curse. In his early years this star found fame when
landing a role in the now iconic movie Stand By Me, alongside River Phoenix, before landing
a slew of successful TV shows. However, the actor sadly has a longer list
of failed sitcoms than almost anybody else. Back in 1995, he starred in Sliders as Quinn
Mallory for five seasons, and then went on to play a Detective in Crossing Jordan for
six. However, after that, he hit a major streak
of bad luck which doesn’t seem to have ended. It all began in 2008 with the show Do Not
Disturb before going on to work his way through 14 failed sitcoms in just six years. That’s insane. Worse still, almost all of these failed to
get past the first season — including: Rex is Not Your Lawyer, Eastwick, and Satisfaction. 8 Orlando Brown who lost his career to the
Disney Curse. It’s no secret that the people who have
worked with Disney as a kid have sometimes gone off the deep end. Orlando Brown is one of them and has found
himself in controversy ever since That’s So Raven ended back in 2007. He was making serious headlines in 2018 after
his mugshots started surfacing on the internet; he was arrested 3 different times that year. The first time he was arrested in January
was because of a battery charge, possession of a controlled substance, and resisting a
police officer. He was later arrested in August because he
missed one of his court dates for that. THEN in September, surveillance cameras at
a restaurant caught him trying to shut off the alarm system and change the locks of a
restaurant that he was trying to steal from. He’s a hot mess you guys. And we know he’s not the only one who has
gone through this curse; it just seems like he’s the one who can’t break out of it. 7 Cuba Gooding Jr. Back in the 90’s, Cuba Gooding Jr. was a
hot commodity in Hollywood, starring in movies like Jerry Maguire, for which he nabbed himself
an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. And then, of course, A Few Good Men. However, he began to hit a few road bumps
by appearing in a few controversial movies, such as Pearl Harbor and then god-awful movie
Boat Trip, which was generally believed to homophoic undertones. Bad move Cuba. Both of these movies had a huge effect on
his career, and sadly not even his charisma and showbiz personality could save it. The actor has somewhat appeared to be a one
hit wonder than the Hollywood icon everyone expected him to be after winning the Oscar. 6 Adrien Brody who’s cursed by what’s
known as the Oscar Curse. At one point in his career he was being compared
to Al Pacino, which is a pretty big deal. He became the youngest man in Hollywood to
win an Oscar for Best Actor. He won the award in 2003 when he was just
29 years old. But in today’s industry, a lot of people
don’t even recognize his name. This doesn’t mean he hasn’t had a successful
career, because he has. He is also known for his leading role in the
Academy Award winning movie The Pianist. It looked like his career was going to continue
on that high; he was young, he was talented, and he already had an Academy Award under
his belt. But a lot of people blame his future movie
flops on the Oscar curse. He went on to be in movies like The Village
and The Singing Detective, both of which were torn apart by critics. He’s continued to book movie roles but overall
his career has been patchy compared to when he was the next Al Pacino. It’s almost like the Oscar set the bar too
high- too soon in his career. 5 Kristen Bell 
Now, you may all be a little annoyed that Kristen Bell is on our last, but hear me out. Kristen is often labelled as Hollywood’s
sweetheart, ever since she hit it big on her sitcom Veronica Mars, which was sadly cancelled. She is a good actress, there is no denying
that, but the films she picks leaves a lot to be desired. She appeared in trainwreck movies like: When
in Rome, Pulse, Fanboys, and Burlesque — all box office flops that were severely panned
by critics. Now, there was a movie spin off of her hit
series Veronica Mars which was largely appreciated by critics, but flopped at the box office,
proving that Bell can’t really seem to catch a break in Hollywood these days. She did land everyone’s dream role though
when she appeared in Frozen as Anna, however, the kicker is, she never appeared on screen
— it is simply her voice. Perhaps this is a loophole in the Hollywood
curse. 4 Christopher Reeve who suffers from the Superman
Curse. This curse is believed to be so intense that
it has ended multiple careers, not by being blacklisted, but by death. There has been an on-going belief that there
is a curse cast on every actor who takes on the role of the hero. It started with George Reeves who took on
the hero from 1951-1957. He was associated with the role so closely
that it was almost impossible for him to land a successful role in anything else. He was found dead in 1959 just a few days
before he was supposed to get married. It was reported to be a suicide but a lot
of controversy followed his death- hence, the Superman Curse. But a more modern Superman felt the curse
as well: Christopher Reeves. He first took on the role in 1978 but in 1995
he was competitively horse riding when he was thrown off the horse and paralyzed. He was able to continue in a rehabilitation
process but died of heart failure in 2004. The death of the second Superman actor is
what intensified the legend of this so-called Superman curse. 3 Marlon Brando
Like our previous number, this is yet another actor who suffered from the Superman Curse
— that things goes around. Marlon Brando is an indisputably acclaimed
actor, known for roles such as A Streetcar Named Desire, On The Waterfront, and of course,
The Godfather. However, back in 1978 he became a victim of
the Superman Curse after he appeared as Superman’s Father alongside Christopher Reeve. Following this, Brando had a tumultuous life,
especially private life. His son was sent to prison for 10 years for
murdering the boyfriend of his half-sister, and five years later that same sister, Brando’s
daughter, committed suicide. In the years that followed, the actor began
to let himself go physically, and eventually passed away from respiratory failure and heart
failure in 2004, just four months before Christopher Reeve passed away. 2 Matthew Perry with the Friends curse. The same curse went around for the Seinfeld
TV series; apparently it means that those involved in a long-running sitcom can’t
seem to book successful roles outside of it. But that’s not totally true seeing as Jennifer
Aniston, who worked on Friends, is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. But Matthew Perry, also known as Chandler,
didn’t have as much luck when trying to break the curse. After the series finale in 2004, he returned
to TV but had a short-lived experience on the show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I’ve never even heard of it. Since then he has been able to book some jobs
like the movie 17 Again back in 2009 and the TV series Mr.Sunshine back in 2011. But his resume is pretty bare for someone
who had such a successful career for 10 years straight. That’s probably because people can’t take
him out of his role from Chandler. He will always be Chandler to me. 1 Halle Berry 
Oh Halle Berry, you guys know I’m not a fan of hers, which I also know angers a lot
of your, surprisingly so. Anyway, there’s no denying that Halle is
a good actress, she even made history in 2002 when she became the first African-American
woman to win an Oscar in the Best Actress category for her role in Monster’s Ball. Her speech was of course unforgettable, going
down in history as one of the best. Of course, following her epic win the actress
had her pick of all the movies, however, she fell into a rabbit hole of bad, bad movies. Including: Gothika and Catwoman, for which
she picked up a Razzie Award for Worst Actress. I mean, we all saw the basketball scene, she
deserved it. Now, she has reprised her role as Storm in
three X-Men movies, but at this point, we’re over it. They rebooted
X-Men, I’m only here for Sophie Turner and her crew. And that’s the tea.

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