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Top 10 Hottest Female Celebrity Butts 2018 Full HD

Top 10 Hottest Female Celebrity Butts 2018 Full HD

top 10 hottest female celebrity butts 10
Beyonce while some names on this list might surprise you
most are going to be major cases of the does and Beyonce’s famous booty falls
under that category Beyonce’s bod and booty are basically on some otherworldly
level that no one can even compare to I actually don’t think she has the best
ass on the list but that but ain’t nothing to be ashamed of 9 Shakira
I can 100% say that Shakira has in my opinion the greatest ass on the face of
the planet the woman is so stunningly beautiful and sexy and can shake that
thing like no one else can I think I’m in love in love
8 Lea Michele the Glee star is definitely known more for her voice and
being annoying as fuck than she is for her curves so I was surprised to
discover the Lea Michele actually has an amazingly cute little toned bum
it looks amazing 7 Jessica Alba Jessica Alba is basically physical perfection
and her ass backs that theory up Lola Lola
get it get it 6 Jennifer Lopez JLo allegedly insured her ass for 1 million
dollars can’t say I blamed her given the fact
she basically has the most famous ass in the world she really does need to get
naked more often often 5 Jess will bunkin Jessel bumpkin is the
top paid model in the entirety Itt world and with an ass like that it makes total
sense for Rihanna Rihanna is like a dream girl to me gorgeous face long legs
flat tone stomach perky little boots and an ass that won’t quit
no wonder Drake spends all this nights crying about her thing about her
3 Iggy Azalea in the words of Flo Rida I can’t believe it white girl got some ass
– Kim Kardashian well you know hashtag duh one Sofia Vergara sure she is famous
for her bountiful bosom but have you see that as day yum-yum

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