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Top 10 Video Game Characters based on Celebrities

Top 10 Video Game Characters based on Celebrities

video game characters are celebrities on their own but sometimes there’s another celebrity behind them but I can help make you into a superstar we’d be partners welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 video game characters based on celebrities we’re making a game about me got a have you through the field for this list we’ll be focusing on characters whose looks skills or persona match their real-life equivalent whether confirmed by the developer or not however we will draw the line at characters who were based specifically on their voice actors are you have the item also we decided to exclude characters inspired by Bruce Lee since we already have a list entirely dedicated to characters who look like him you know maybe it’s an alternative type of Deadpool you know it’s somebody yeah well you know Lee number 10 Rider resembling eazy-e GTA san andreas I go pencil would be fast sucker let me play for our list begins with the PCP smoking vertically challenged gangsta from Los Santos hey gs6 this character who does nothing to help stereotypes was based on the late NWA rapper and vocalist Eric Lin better known as eazy-e run back inside to side beside their looks the to share the traits of being born on the west coast having dropped out of high school in the tenth grade and selling drugs afterwards to survive lilo song before will deal with teens what things full number nine Raven resembling Wesley Snipes Tekken series apart from his x-shaped scar and his skills in ninjutsu not much is known about this cold-hearted fighter however it is very easy to see that he was inspired by wesley snipes or more precisely his role from blade with a dash of his role from demolition man their physique being quite similar we can also note that both are incredible fighters whose combat abilities aren’t encumbered by shades I’ll see you in hell number 8 le resembling Ellen Page The Last of Us le this little girl made quite an impression on a lot of people being the only human immune to cordyceps infection Ellie’s physique was actually slightly altered after the initial reveal trailer after which fans had already drawn the comparison to page about hey Ellie I know it wasn’t easy but it was either him or me Naughty Dog found themselves in quite a pinch when Ellen Page noticed their striking resemblance the young actress didn’t appreciate her likeness being used as she had already played a leading role in another game beyond two souls you might as well just give up iDEN okay number 7 Niko Bellic resembling vladimir mashkov grand theft auto 4 the russian immigrant who moved to Liberty City is quite a character screw you you idiot voiced by Michael Holick Rockstar Games originally wanted Russian actor vladimir mashkov to play the rule but he declined they still kept the character of Niko to look like him but besides that and the fact that they both come from Eastern Europe the actor and the mobster don’t share much aside from attraction if you come back I’ll kill you you understand number 6 lay along resembling Jackie Chan Tekken series own to fight the super cop of Hong Kong was based on the famous actor and stunt master Jackie Chan beside the slight resemblance most of Mulan stances and moves were inspired by chance whether it’s the classic martial arts animal stances the drunken fighting style or just kicking and punching they all came from the master they share a comedic similarity along being the Tekken series is comic relief and Chan being the ultimate funny man of the martial arts jean number 5 Travis touchdown resembling Johnny Knoxville No More Heroes series this foul-mouthed otaku assassins looks and general attitude were based on the Jackass star Johnny Knoxville who was also the partial inspiration for uncharted Snaith and rape what are you talking about you’d figure you’d base a hit man who likes anime and swears constantly in this game on a guy who professionally finds exotic and humorous ways to injure himself and other people well maybe that doesn’t figure but it still works you can take that to your grave if the attitude hairdo and aviator sunglasses don’t convince you perhaps the last name steeped in Americana will tip you over the edge you got it all man number four Johnny Cage resembling jean-claude Van Damme Mortal Kombat series Johnny Cage wins for a character who’s supposed to be an actor that does martial arts films creators Edie Boone and John Tobias decided to base Johnny Cage on an actual actor who does martial arts films and they chose jean-claude Van Damme the idea was to have a character who was a cocky actor that was meant to be comic relief hey beautiful Johnny Cage good for you some of Van Dam’s moves were actually used in the original version of the game like his famous groin punch splits from bloodsport which even made it into the movie adaptation number three Bruno Dillinger resembling Bruce Willis project cross zone sometimes you squish Colonel Brunel bringing down the story here is complicated but once you understand there’s really no room for interpretation in 1996 Sega released a game called dynamite dekha or dynamite detective it was a beat-em-up starring a hero named Bruno Dillinger when the game came out in the US it was released with a die hard license with Bruno remade as John McClane was always kind of partial to Roy Rogers actually flash forward to 2013 and we see the Namco Capcom and Sega crossover game project cross zone however since Sega no longer had the die hard license they kept Bruno’s old name with Bruce’s likeness school boy cooking rise together got the old number two Andrew Ryan resembling Howard Hughes Bioshock series I am rejected those answers Howard Hughes was once one of the richest men on earth in the early 20th century and had a huge impact on aviation and cinema you may know him best from Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of him in the aviator we are not getting enough production out of Jane Russell’s breasts I don’t want smooth titties Jenna smooth titties he also became a strange recluse during his later years with a laundry list of bizarre habits and projects I show he never founded a city at the bottom of the ocean but he was still an enigmatic eccentric and clearly deranged visionary millionaire with a pencil stache sound familiar in the end what separates a man from a slave before we unveil our top pick let’s have a look at some honorable mentions dead I’ll show you who is number running river because this big one I know number one Balrog resembling Mike Tyson Street Fighter series topping off our list is the massive boxer whose name didn’t come from Tolkien’s mythology but rather from a name switch in order to evade a possible lawsuit his original Japanese name was Mike bison combine that with his physique and you have the least subtle illusion to Mike Tyson in history you’re here to apologize well it’s too late fearing legal pursuit Capcom swapped his name with other characters Balrog and Vega his name may now officially be Balrog but we all like the idea of playing as Mike Tyson don’t make me come back do you agree with our list which character do you think was inspired by your favorite celebrity for more top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to you

100 comments on “Top 10 Video Game Characters based on Celebrities

  1. Does Solid Snake count? I know that he was inspired by Snake Plissken, but i believe that he counts, they resemble each other in Hairstyle, eye-patch, cigarette addiction.

  2. Man, I didn't even see the Johnny Cage connection. That was pretty obvious when they showed the split nut punch.

  3. Bruce Lee and Law from tekken, if you didn't already cover it, yes I watched the video, no I did not pay too much attention because the voices tend to bore me, though i heard tekken in there at least once. But did not hear law.

  4. who is that old man with white hair and gloving eyes? 7:42–7:45 Can someone tell me the show or character name?

  5. It's not just Ryder the whole GTA SA cast where inspired by artist. CJ looked like Dr.Dre, Sweet looked like Ice Cube and Big Smoke where ether supposed to look like Biggie or Nate Dogg.

  6. I feel like tons of the characters and events from GTA games are based on things from crime, gangster, and drug movies.

  7. Don’t know if this qualifies or not, but after Angelina Jolie was cast as Lara Croft, they started to look pretty damn similar.
    Also, no one gives a shit about Nico’s heritage. He still resembles whatever Russian dude they named, whether Nico’s Serbian or not. Dumbasses

  8. I know that this video is old, but reading comments makes me laugh AF 😀 People that wrote those comments are enough stupid to not know, that Mashkov was playing serbian sniper in Behind Enemy Lines movie, and Niko Bellic based on that serbian sniper from that movie. And when people gonna learn on their mistakes…

  9. solid snake as kurt russell's snake plissken, obviously…
    or the original Simon Belmont as Ronnie James Dio
    Any flat-topped 80s and 90s action game hero as Arnold Schwarzenegger

  10. I know this video was uploaded before Splatoon was released, I think the Squid Sisters were the inspiration of Puffy AmiYumi.

  11. Nathan Drake particially inspired by Johnny Knoxville?No way!Nathan's too cute for that,unless you mean he was younger when they modeled Nathan.

  12. So many celebs missing from this list! Jennifer Connelly in Clock Tower, Cameron Diaz in Silent Hill 2, and Leo DiCaprio from Code Veronica.

  13. In my opinion Johnny Knoxville doesn’t resemble Nathan Drake at all he looks way more lyk his voice actor Nolan North !

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