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Tyson Fury reveals INCREDIBLE weight loss after Anthony Joshua brands him a ‘fat f***’

Tyson Fury reveals INCREDIBLE weight loss after Anthony Joshua brands him a ‘fat f***’

Tyson Fury reveals INCREDIBLE weight loss after Anthony Joshua brands him a ‘fat f***’ The motor-mouth Manchurian has been forced to watch from the sidelines as Brit golden boy AJ conquers the heavyweight division. AJ beat Carlos Takam last month and Fury – suspended pending a UKAD investigation over a failed test in 2015 and refusal to provide a sample in 2016 – was typically outspoken about the bout. Fury has always claimed he would demolish the Watford brawler. In response, Fury – the former unified heavyweight champion of the world – has hit back by saying he doesnt need to lose weight to be able to “smash his face in”. He tweeted: Morning, fight fans. Ive had another good sesh in the gym, you will be pleased to hear that Ive shed another 9lbs, the weight is melting off. For all those people who said I couldnt lose the weight & fight again this must be sad for taste. The Gypsy King, 29, hasnt stepped foot in a ring since his shock win over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015. He was pictured last month showing off a bloated figure at his cousin Hughies bout with Joseph Parker. “I don’t need to get fit for someone like you” Fury Earlier yesterday, Fury responded angrily to AJ’s weight jibes, saying: This is a message to the weightlifter. Big Anthony Joshua, the big tough man who told me to get fit fat f**k. I don’t need to get fit for someone like you. I’ll come to you and punch your face right in even at 25 stone. I’ve seen what you’re about. You just fought a midget in an arm fight. The ref had to stop it in case you got caught. Bum city like I’ve always said. Useless. No gas, no stamina, too many weights. You want to practice on a bit more speed and a bit less power. He added: I do not care about you! Like I told you before Ill punch your face in bad boy. Fighting to me is easy and slapping punks like you is even easier. Good to see Eddie has let you off your leash for the day. But he better put you back on before u get bitten. I’m ready whenever you are. It’s about levels, you’re world level and I’m legendary. Until someone beats me, I’m the man who beat the man. & I beat the man #returnofthemack #letsgetthispartystarted #ondisting. Joshua, 28, is likely to face Deontay Wilder before Fury, with promoter Eddie Hearn confirming a unification fight between the two would take place at some time next year. We need middle ground between reality and fantasy, said Hearn. If we can, I dont see problems making the fight. Unfortunately, Anthony has to overpay opponents. If we offered Deontay the correct purse for this fight it would never happen because he would think it was disrespectful. So we have to overpay him to make it happen. And we have to give him respect because hes a great fighter, a great champion, really exciting, a great self promoter. I feel a bit bad for him, hes got no promoter pushing him. Its going to happen in 2018, absolutely no question. You cant get away with not making fights any more because when you do you wake up to a million tweets. If Fury and AJ were to go toe-to-toe next year, it is widely expected to be the biggest British fight of all time.

12 comments on “Tyson Fury reveals INCREDIBLE weight loss after Anthony Joshua brands him a ‘fat f***’

  1. 😂😂😂😂 Fury is a dreaming Muppet. Empty barrels make the most noise. And Furys drug induced talk is real cheap. Get In that ring,then see how hard your cheap talk is.Try it in the ring😂😂😂😂

  2. I'm sorry but fury needs to either get in the ring or shut the fuck up. He is obsessed with aj and can't stop mentioning his name in all interviews and it's getting boring cos he all talk with no delivering.

  3. Damn it. That means Wilder will beat AJ before before Tyson gets the chance to smash that pampered ex drug dealing punk

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