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Unbelievable News Anchor Meltdowns

Unbelievable News Anchor Meltdowns

100 comments on “Unbelievable News Anchor Meltdowns

  1. That first clip had the newscaster talk just like almost every kid at my school at the 5th Grade and over. And I'm a Freshman, becoming a Sophomore at the end of summer.

  2. did you for real call canmore/kananaskis british columbia?
    americans can not actually be as bad at geography as they say

  3. as an arkansan, i almost had a stroke when he said Little Rock, AR and then said kark instead of K-A-R-K


  5. The first clip I was talking to my screen, "Oh come on Link. Who hasn't seen this? Stop pretending like you don't know."

  6. I was literally just watching this while getting ready for bed. I'm taking the ol' nightly poop, and Link is talking about the spider on the green screen. I look up, and, no joke, there's a big old nasty spider on the wall! LOL, REALLY UNIVERSE?!

  7. Did you guys change? Or were you always like that? You used to not cuss. Seems like instead of you positively changing your coworkers your coworkers have negatively changed you two, unless you have always been like that

  8. Link: If I caress what? Pause No

    Rhett: If you caress me you win no matter what

    Omg these two crack me up 😂💀

  9. I’m from the “greatest Houston area” and frequently have to go into Houston and I’m not mad! Y’all have no idea about this construction BS! It’s so ridiculous!

  10. My dad worked for KARK 4. 😂 he now works for their parent company. Either way, it’s very nice to see something from Arkansas, even if it wasn’t necessarily good. 😂😂 I loved that clip.
    And in that second clip, I don’t get why he’s so upset about people moving around. Obviously he’s the one who hasn’t worked in the tv business before.

  11. Chad was rudely interupted and demasculeted. He was talked down to, more than once. He had the right to defend himself.

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