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100 comments on “Van Jones on Kamala Harris’ debate performance: A star was born

  1. Since y’all current president messed this country up I’ve said the only way this country could be fixed was at the hand of a woman! After watching this Debate it is determined that not only does America need a woman to run this country but we need/want a BLACK WOMAN #KamalaHarris 2020 #President

  2. A falling star……a failed political figure as all Democrats and so is Van Jones. House nigga ! Back stabbing bum. Trump 2020 ! Let's go!!!

  3. Its a lie to say Biden was unprepared. Kamala had to go back a long way to find a vote she could call Biden a racist on…Kamala can't beat trump. I won't vote for her.

  4. Everyone needs to unsubscribe from this channel before you loose the last of your Brian cells. Otherwise you will be too far gone to come back to reality. Everything said in this episode is simple ignorant. This black heffa cant even speak properly. Bitch looks coked out !

  5. “She owned the night”? “It worked for her”? It is astounding how detached politicians and media outlets really are from the “American people” that day so often speak in the name mom. You people are completely lost in a world that has no Truth, no honor and no substance whatsoever.

    This is not a game. Everyone complains about Donald Trump watching the media is like a high school reality show. Joe Biden is certainly no prize end it would pain me to see him get elected. But seriously Joe Biden, a racist? You Gotta be kidding me. I mean really can we not just get a group of people together on the panel and talk about some things and actually have relevance? Racism had relevance years ago but it should not have relevance anymore. I am 30 years old and have lived in Jacksonville Florida for 13 years. I can count on one hand how many people I have met that are actually racist. Stop driving the narrative and the oppression will die.

  6. masterful performance comonman get your star its gonna b like micheal jordan vs charles barkley i like charles but i think he should of stuck with golf

  7. hey van with that confidence im sure your gonna bet the farm on 2020 or house or apt what do you live in

  8. hey van i hear your gums bumpin but really r u even gonna put a dollar on your candidate hmu i got a few benjis laying around haw ill take my dawg President Trump dont sing it bring it i understand if the funds are tight for ya rite now but if you got real you might make a bit more cash

  9. Mayor Pete you have spoken and if you werent aware the reckoning is happening as you speak FEAR GOD and watch what you ask for i thought you knew better get your big boy tidt whitys clean and pull them up

  10. Kamala Harris WILL be our next President of The United States in 2020. V.P. Corey Booker, Attorney General Elizabeth Warren ( she's gonna be locking up the true criminals ) and Secretray Of State, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, anyone? YES! We will ALL be with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. illhan Omar trashes America is against Jews and laughs about the terrorist. The squad is working against America and want communism. News flash communism does not work. criminals are coming across the border along with honest people. Children are being kidnapped to cross the border and The Democrats don't even care. MS13 is killing people and they are sneaking back across the border. Democrats hate white people, the rich, gun owners, and Christians. Who is dividing our country? Democrats are because they can't remember when Obama wanted to secure our border and incouraged business not to hire illegals. Obama put children in cages. Where was you drama rage back then?

  12. My oh my CNN, you are truly stock on corrupted politicians, Biden Harris Pete and etc. Why would any Democrat vote for someone on the same big corporate donors corruption team as trump and the Republican are ? Why should Americans change a corrupted leader for another one just just as the same ? Americans are in need of a honest and stable candidate who took many years drawing up America's blueprints , many Americans thinks Bernie fits that bill for our President in 2020 ?

  13. Be careful Jones, Harris won't prosecute police who shoot unarmed blacks. She won't side with citizens against the cops. She's not Trump, she's not a monster like that, but she's no angel. Black folk in California know her for who she is.

  14. Sorry, but Kamala wouldn't win a debate with tRump, because tRump doesn't debate. He bloviates, calls names and glowers, stalks and looms. He wasn't held accountable when he should have been in 2016, and he certainly won't be as "President". A "debate" with him is totally pointless.

  15. Between CNN Fox NEws and MSNBC ,I watch CNN mostly . The other two are either extra left or extra right .But I have to say. . no matter which hour and which host, or what panel guest, They make me feel like they are sitting in our laps with a microphone in every viewers face. They ask questions that sounds like," so did you think about what the president said last year at Charlotteville as you were dashing bullets from the mass school shooter?".Tell us what was on your mind the moment you saw the shooter approach your classmate ?"Do you think if congress had acted this could have been avoided? (Hell no). Do you think if the president was not at the golf course the shooter would have stayed home and played video games.. You take my point. So CNN just roll the tape or stick a mic in your face , then around the table and read your mind with all real proper like.

    Trump despises CNN vehemently, because they all critique him with SAT words and very lawyery The British Ambassador was real nice nasty with words such as incompetent incapable unorganized . The president went common," that man is dumb we didn't like that fool no way". .

  16. CNN and MSNBC are unwatchable … Both "media" published "urinating Russian prostitute" narratives with NO proof and NO evidence. Fact is the Clinton ORG Crime PERVERTS authored that narrative and CNN-MSNBC published it!

  17. CNN and MSNBC are unwatchable … Both "media" published "urinating Russian prostitute" narratives with NO proof and NO evidence. Fact is the Clinton ORG Crime PERVERTS authored that narrative and CNN-MSNBC published it!

  18. CNN and MSNBC are unwatchable … Both "media" published "urinating Russian prostitute" narratives with NO proof and NO evidence. Fact is the Clinton ORG Crime PERVERTS authored that narrative and CNN-MSNBC published it!

  19. Kamala Harris R U Addicted to the Creamy Crack:
    I was born Black & I will die Black … with white people's hair.

  20. Fidel Obama KNEW .. Clinton Oligarch Crime Family clean up OPS FAILED, KGB Mueller's FAKE Wiessman dossier FAILED, Kosher Nostra COUP FAILED too and needs to be investigated NOW!

  21. Fidel Obama KNEW .. Clinton Oligarch Crime Family clean up OPS FAILED, KGB Mueller's FAKE Wiessman dossier FAILED, Kosher Nostra COUP FAILED too and needs to be investigated NOW!

  22. Fidel Obama KNEW .. Clinton Oligarch Crime Family clean up OPS FAILED, KGB Mueller's FAKE Wiessman dossier FAILED, Kosher Nostra COUP FAILED too and needs to be investigated NOW!

  23. Democrat Party IMPLODING, approval 9 – 12%, Same approval rating as Jeff Zuckers CNN media, advertisers are concerned, everyone voting MAGA here in NYS! Zucker CNN contract under review yet

  24. You guys got all the debate wrong over rating Kamala. Kamala didn't bring prepared with a message other the her personal trauma of being bussed. This subject has nothing to do with the nation going forward in economic policies, healthcare, education, money out politics, minimum wages. None of this issues were in kamala ranting as to being a victim but also a recipient of bussing. Remember bussing doesn't integrate races, why, because right after class those bussed have to come back to their respective communities. Integration by force never worked. The of integration is and was as today the ability to go a school without that school negating you that opportunity. Now kamala should have discussed her participation on building prisons, incarcerating minor offenders, clinton crime bill and her relationship with the in increase in prison populatio while in office as prosecutor. Please being bussed vs being chofeur against Trump is just going to do another Hillary 2.0

  25. Biden was not ready to be that shallow. He almost lost his calm when he said but you went to be a prosecutor which has a very heavy baggage with prison buildings, filling prison, cruel jail time minor offender, reducing time minor offender and conspiring with judges to promote prison population for private prison builders. So no Biden was not going to attack a team democratic mate on meritless issues and turn shallow and use kamala baggage as prosecutor.

  26. is this VAN JONES the biggest RACIST POS out there? But because he's a WHINY LETWING WING BLACK BETA MALE HILLARY BOOTLICKER he can say WHATEVER he wants and the other BETA MALES and FEMINAZIS say OOH ISN"T THAT just GREAT! What a bunch of blind SHEEP

  27. សំុការនិយាយលុកចូលកិច្ចការនយោបាយ របស់លោកត្រាំ ប៉ុន្មាន បញ្ហា ពិភពលោកអាចផ្ទះុបានគ្រប់វិនាទី លោកត្រាំស្រែក គេរៀបចំ ខ្លួនរួចបាត់ទៅហេីយ ចំពោះអ្នកនូវពីរក្រោយ ព្រោះគេដឹង សហរដ្ឋអាមេរិចតែនិយាយមិនយូរទេ នឹង ធ្វេី ដូច នេះ ការរៀបចំខ្លួនជៀសមិនផុត សំពាវុធទំនេីបជាងគេ លុះត្រាតែ ប្រេីប្រាស់វាអោយឆ្លាតដែរ តែ ទំនេីបតែរបស់ប្រេី យេីងខ្វះភាពប្រេីវា នោះ ជាចន្លោះ សំរាប់ហនិភ័យប្រជាពលរដ្ឋដែលខំ្ញុព្រួយបារម្ភ

  28. KAMALA HAS BEEN " BUSSING" PEOPLE TO PRISON HER WHOLE LIFE. "OH jOE IT hURT ME!"  YEA I'M SURE SHE WAS SO HURT. SOMEONE HAND HER AN OSCAR. I  can feel her pain from 50 years ago through the screen. I have to go bawl my eyes out now. Every Time Van jones starts talking I just want to puke.

  29. Van continues to be 'all wet' … arrogant, angry with cupcakes, mean by not feeing his goldfish in a teacup .. ecc … get real Van .. nobody believes you NO MOH!!!! NO MOH STARS ARE BORN VAN!!!!!!!!!! You are one of doz guys who thought Sony Liston would beat Cassius Clay .. wanna bet on it?? Trump landslide against the Kammala Kakkle (laugh). Looking back, most Dems also believe that KAMMALA did a 'baddd' thing.

  30. She has never been with out away to sleep her way to the congress, she used the Black card and she isn't black!

  31. On Tuesday night the debate was again a joke it’s hilarious the Democrats are a total joke no policy over and over about healthcare and wages there’s so much more to be a president these losers don’t even talk about anything elseTrump is going to win by a landslide they just don’t have a plan

  32. Honey it was asked and answered in 2016, you just weren’t listening. Well listen closely now, because this msg in 2020 will be heard around the world once again but even louder . LOSERS !!!

  33. go kamala Harris l think you will make a good president, they don't like you because you are a woman and you are and afac

  34. A star my Ass. A self righteous hypocrite bully. I’m So glad she got put in her place last night. She is a lying racist bigot. . Nothing more. Locking up thousands of young black men for small amounts of majuran and then laughing when ask if she smoked. And she has the nerve to talk about justice reform. What a lying scumbag She makes me want to vomit

  35. How come @CNN deliberately blocked Bernie supporters from entering the arena? Manufacturing consent again, are we?

  36. Another liberal Phoney Fake was born…is more like it…..Has lots of folks to point her finger at..but has not one solution ; that's not out of this world fantasy make believe.

  37. that must have been one hot ball of gas, because that star was EXTINGUISHED by Tulsi this week.

  38. Black people in America, please don't let Trump win again and alot of you'll go out and vote for black and you'll men in the America don't say I will not vote for a woman I will vote for a man instead, that will be foolish and childish in thinking. Put a woman in office and experience the difference and joy.

  39. Kamala and Joe are being set up to run together and as lousy candidates lose to Trump, all this by the Rothschilds, who own all of the above (and other such winners and losers in the past). Wake up, America. This is not your country anymore. By the way, if you want to have a good laugh, watch Kamala the ultimate phony corporate Democrat get fed her lunch by Maj. Tulsi Gabbard, one of the few actual patriotic independent Americans in the bunch — on the Jimmy Dore Show by googling "Jimmy Dore Kamala Tulsi debates"

  40. "I want her because she's claims to be African American…in a back handed way of course."–Van Jones. Hey Van, she's Jamaican and East Indian and born in Canada – not the U.S.A.

  41. Kamala the Kop, as San Francisco’s DA, protected the Catholic Church & blocked information needed by church sex abuse victims.

  42. Harris is awful. Real Democrats don't want a fascist we want Tulsi or Yang or Bernie. If not we'll sit this one out. Harris is no improvement on Trump, maybe even worse.

  43. So looking back now this was all bullshit. As for Bernie being a hologram because he has said all this before in 2016…. was Obama a hologram in 2012? Garbage analysis by the panel. Took Tulsi 60 seconds to cut Kamala's support by half.

  44. THE BIG STORY BEFORE 2020 ELECTIONS IS: Bash and discredit everything and anything that has to do with Pres Trump and Republicans. WHY? To get rid of their credibility!!! Speaking of Russian collusion. Russia is a Socialist country (Communist). If one is colluding with Russia they will be encompassing the Russian Party and ideals. What's with the American Independent Party, and Bernie Sanders? Democratic Socialist!! Socialist same as Russian Communist (Russian Collusion). What about the American Democratic Party, loaded with Russian Communists under the guise of Democratic or Democratic Socialist. HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT, RUSSIAN COLLUSION, while this Party is out to destroy President Trump and the Patriot Americans. THINK ABOUT IT. THEY ARE TELLING YOU, YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF PRES. TRUMP AT ALL COST. I say, GULLIBLE AMERICANS, when did you glue your eyes and ears shut. The Communism Factor (Russian Collusion) has been here for over 10 years straight!! They have infiltrated our newscasters feeding you deception, bit by bit, that you eat it up. All the new political idiots, like Alex Ocasio Cortez, do just that, to see how STUPID you can be. The RUSSIAN COLLUSION IS A BIG NEON SIGN POINTING TO THE DEMOCRATS WHO HAVE GONE: RUSSIAN SOCIALIST, PULLING YOU ALONG AS YOU HIT THE EVENT HORIZON OF A BLACK HOLE !!!!! GET BACK TO AMERICA, BE A PATRIOT, DENOUNCE AND CLEAN THE HOUSES!!! KICK THEM OUT!!!

  45. search you tube – walk away documonial -watch it all. ask, why are you a democrat. give yourself an honest answer. stop hate walk away.

  46. look at that cnn pandering ro another racist being racist. van jones should b banned based on his views but crap organizations like cnn ? hesca spokesman. haha Kamala Harriscis a joke. she is black. thatscall he cares about bur her policiesconvthe border and china will setvthe country back 30 yeats. shes not fut to b president, just an angry racist. what country needs that cnn wouldnt knowv rhey r puppets to dems

  47. Van Jones and Borger sure look like total fools after Kamala got exposed as a fraud by Rep. Gabbard. CNN is such a crummy bias news network. "A star was born!?" Yeah, right!

  48. The Star ain't dere no moh, Van … It's now septembah'.. dude.. n' the lady has 6% only.. so she bedda get out of da race. I hope you don't lose your money playing Bingo or buyin' lottery tickets … Judy Garland, Van?? Ever hear of her (she is white, Van)?? Now that is a star born .. There are other choices, too.. Van .. but Camellaz??? Pick another loser soon, so we can laugh!! Um.. Donny Lemons or Andy Couper might help ya'll…!!!

  49. CNN the CURRUPTABLES News Faulse Network, fore Currupt Dems, Even Are BBC here in England Just Laugh At your lieing News Reports

  50. You’re a bunch of FUCKING IDIOTS ! She is a liar ,corrupt politician. You’re a group of imbeciles . How about the second debate ? Harris is a fraud . DO YOU EVER FACT CHECK ? Tee shirts for sale immediately. Harris the SAN FRANCISCO PEDOPHILE ENABLER . That should be right up your alley . A month later “ I’m top tier , what’s she ,an Assad apologist,what’s she 0-1 % . Van Jones do you like little boys ? You’ll have the right woman in your corner . FUCK YOU ALL !

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