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What It Was Really Like Being a Child Star

What It Was Really Like Being a Child Star

hey guys what’s up so I am constantly
asked what is it like growing up in the entertainment business so today I’m
gonna share with you guys what it’s like being a child star aren’t you guys
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future episodes first of all growing up as a child star
definitely changes the dynamic of a family and I think that’s something that
a lot of people don’t necessarily think about and what I mean by that is we were
living in Texas at the time and you know my mom was there my dad was there they
were in the Army in order for me to pursue my career as an actress you have
to move to Hollywood my dad actually calls it Hollyweird he’s just keeping
it real so my mom ended up quitting her job I
actually explained this whole you know situation in one of my videos my life
story video my mom she moved with us she quit her job in my dad he still stayed
in Texas to you know continue to be in the army and do whatever he was doing so
my point is it separated the family and that already is a challenge my mom is
amazing because she supported our careers my sister and then my brother
Tahj was in the business as well and so my mom she became this kind of like
single mom that was hard you know kind of just growing up with now just a mom
instead of a mom and a dad all for going for a dream our school dynamic changed
we were no longer in an environment with our friends that we knew after school I
would be doing my homework in the car and then I would have to study these
lines and while my mom is driving the car to Hollywood
it took like maybe an hour and 45 minutes just to get to one audition and
I give it my all and then many of times you hear the answer No
so you’ve put all of that time and energy and effort into something and
then you’re ejected that became a routine for like three years and it’s
hard I really give a lot of credit to my mother for constantly being that support
system for me that when I didn’t book something or I didn’t get a job you know
she kept on motivating to continue to move forward and to move on cut to three
years of this hustle and grind as a kid right and then I end up booking
sister-sister and a lot of people say you know just being in LA for three
years hustling and grinding for a break is actually good because there are a lot
of people that I mean for example my husband was grinding for like I want to
say ten fifteen years before he got his big break
cut to I’m on set sister-sister you have all of these stages and these stages are
numbered so you have like stage 20 for stage 10 but what’s really cool about
Paramount Studios is there’s an area on the lot where you can just stand and
look and see the Hollywood sign and I remember seeing that for the first time
as a child in saying mommy I made it you know what I mean like this is so amazing
not only am i seeing the Hollywood sign but I’m seeing the Hollywood sign at
Paramount Studios when I first realized that I was famous my sister and I we had
one and Kids Choice Award and in order for you
to win this award the fans have to vote for you we walk on stage and when I say
I can still hear the screams and my head like from people Oh like we are famous
and not only that we won the golden Flint which basically means you’ve won
three Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in a row Jim Carrey had won this award and
we’re like oh my gosh like my sister and I idolized Jim Carrey I mean you know
that all righty then you’ll totally know what that means or what I’m saying to
just be in that same category with him my mind was just like whoa like this is
amazing you would start to go to these parties and award shows and then I would
see Will Smith and Will Smith’s like hey what’s up t in smear like I’m like whoa
he knows my name like wait a minute Will Smith like Fresh Prince of bel-air
knows my name or Beyonce Destiny’s Child they were huge fans of Sister Sister
but the biggest for me was Janet Jackson I’m at this award show and there’s Janet
Jackson and then I walk up to her and hi my name is th just like I know you
are you know here you are you’ve always been fans of these people
and then all of a sudden you know they’re saying how they’re you know fans
of you reality starts to hit rather quickly and what I mean by that is
growing up as a child star you are working when you book a job and what
that means is you have responsibilities you have to remember your lines there
are so many things coming at you rather quickly it’s it’s almost like you’re
being thrown into the pool and you don’t know how to swim you got to figure this
out quickly and you’re a child you know so it’s a lot of pressure
I do remember doing an episode for Sister Sister there’s an audience out
there everybody’s watching you looking at you you have producers who have execs
writers all around you there’s like maybe 300 people all of this as a child
it’s a lot of pressure and I will say this it’s not for the weak I started
doing the show at 14 years old so I grew up on television I saw
literally then I can even watch them today my growing pains I’m like looking
back going oh my god yeah your teeth oh my god see your hair oh my gosh when
you’re on set when you have a television show like Sister Sister what you do is
you usually have school on set you’ll do a certain amount of hours within a day
to complete your schooling because you have this curriculum that you have to
follow you’re getting your schooling on set but then when the show’s over you
have to get back into that system so you have to go back to school and jump in
that classroom as if you never left it was hard even from an emotional
standpoint because that’s when bullies came into play I would never forget this
one particular time where you know I’m
walking through the halls I’m in my locker and then all of a sudden I hear
this kid screams your show sucks like out loud in front of everybody and he
was talking about sister sister now mind you sister sister was very successful everybody has an opinion right okay
but the way that he did it was so inappropriate and I remember I turned
back to him and I said well you know what you may think my show sucks
but the checks don’t I mean I was able to stand up for myself but you know at
the same time I’m being bullied because I have a successful television show you
know in high school not only that I was in college when I was on Sister Sister
and I will tell you this in college they don’t care about anything else if I have
to show up for class I would sign up for the early early morning classes because
I would have to have a class before I would get to work when I just look at
all of that I’m like my gosh like how did you do this I believe I got through
because of the support that I had my sister was right there with me it felt
like you’re running in this race and you’re exhausted you’re tired but then I
could look to the right and I would see my sister there and she’s doing the same
exact thing we’re just like saying you got this you got this you could do this
you could do this you could do this and then there’s the dating the dating life
with being an actor or child actor that was very very hard as well because again
I didn’t know why somebody wanted to be with me was it because I was on a
television show and I was successful or did they want to be with me because they
really liked me so it was very hard to decipher that and I think what I did to
not even deal with that was I didn’t even date I was so focused on school I
was so focused on my television show I ended up you know being introduced to
pori who was an actor but he wasn’t famous and that kind of worked for me
you know what I mean because he got my lifestyle he understands what it’s like
being an actor but he’s not famous so we won’t have that attention and that
pressure on us now Cory is actually famous and you know he’s doing very well
for himself but that’s not how we found each other that’s not how we found our
love you see a lot of actors dates you know other actors and other celebrities
or they have to have this amount of money or none of that matters to me
because I knew what I wanted and what I wanted was something that was real I
wanted something that had a strong foundation and here we are 20 years
later so I actually talked about how Cory and
I met and our story you guys want to check that out make sure you check out
marriage Q&A it’s a great one what was beneficial for me and why I became or
why I was always just stable is because my mom was really good at making sure
that when we did get home from work we didn’t talk about the business anymore
that was a job you know you’re on set people are catering to you I’m talking
about still to this day I have a hard time
this is I can’t believe I’m telling you guys this but we’re family still to this
day I have a hard time buttoning up things because I was dressed as a child
they put on my hat they put on my tights they put on my clothes they did
everything for me I was catered to I was fed on a dime
you know what do you want to eat you can have anything you want I was riding
around in limousines everywhere I went but the reason why I’m sharing all of
this is because my mom made sure to tell us that all of that is fake all of that
is a facade and at the time you’re like why you raining on our parade he’s like
we’re living large you know we had bodyguards you know my sister and I we
could never go anywhere without someone hanging on to us and wanting you know
our autograph like we would have to run from people but I say that I ought to
say my mom wanted to make sure that we knew that that wasn’t reality that when
you came home this was home you still had responsibility you are a child you
are my child and I will continue to treat you like a normal child for
example had chores my sister and myself we were on our way to Phantom of the
Opera I was dressed to the gods had my makeup on and everything and I’m about
to leave a house and my mom said excuse me where are you going what do you mean
where am I going I’m gonna go to the Phantom of the Opera she was like not
before you clean this kitchen I was like wait what so our friend at the time
Andrea she literally took a photo of me with a broom and a
cleaning up the floor in my gown before I went to the Opera but I share that
story because my mom didn’t care about all of that what was going on outside
she wanted to make sure that your integrity your character and who you are
as a person is more important than this facade of a life
one minute you’re hot one minute you’re not one minute you’re making a lot of
money so one minute you’re making zero and that’s where a lot of people fall
short it’s you go from being this huge celebrity and this child star where
everybody loves you and then the call stop and some people can’t handle that
because they defined themselves in this business and my mom always taught us
never let this business define who you are because if you do that’s where
you’ll get into trouble so I don’t define myself and how successful I am
that’s amazing that’s great I love when my hard work
has paid off but that’s not what I value I value being a good person I value
being a good wife I value being a good mother
I value things that are attainable not something that’s so up and down and I
think that’s where a lot of people you know child stars get in trouble and then
they turn to drugs or they start to act out and rebel it’s hard for you to
build lasting relationships with this lifestyle your schedules are insane a
normal schedule for us is 12 hour days and then of course you’re out of town so
the friendships that you have when you’re a actor in this business or even
a child actor they have to understand that shift within the relationship
one minute you guys could be hanging out having a great time seeing each other
once a week and then the next minute you may not see her in four or five months
but Jessica Lasky is the one that will get on the phone and she will swear up
and – like – yeah I don’t care what you’re doing I don’t care what project
you’re doing hello I have to bring her here let me know in the comments below
if you guys want to sit down and meet Jessica Lasky she knows things that she
will take to her grave this girl I’m telling you I feel very blessed that
she’s been in my life because she was the one and is still the one that always
humbles me and brings me down and what I mean by that is I have a lot of humility
but she always puts me into check about what’s important and what I mean by that
is she just really keeps it real and I think it’s important for you to have
people like that in your life who’s your friend you know because they really like
you there’s another period in my life I feel like it was challenging being a
child star and that is when everything stops right when all of the calls
stopped so I was prepared for that what I wasn’t prepared for was the
routine of it all so you’re working everyday you know for six years and then
all of a sudden it stops you’re like oh my gosh now what do I do it took me a
while to graduate I graduated I was like hey give me a break I was
like working you know I was grateful to have that to fall back on because I
traveled abroad I went to Egypt I went to Paris I went to London I studied in
Italy like I went to school it took me seven years to get another television
show and that was the game so it was a while it was a long time but um I
believed in myself and I had to get out of my comfort zone
what’s so interesting well it’s not really interesting because both of his
parents are actors so this is like a no-brainer right Cree actually now wants
to act and he did an episode of my newest show right now it’s called family
reunion it’s on Netflix check it out but anyway he did an episode of that and he
was in read of all my mouth was like opening and hit the floor I was like and
so he was like mommy I want to do more I wanted to do this someone do that so he
now has an agent he now has a manager he has headshots which I can show you guys so you guys want to hire Cree Taylor Hardrict kidding he’s now in the business and you know a lot of people
they asked me are you a prince of about it and I say no because
has two incredibly stable parents that have gone through this business that
knows the ups and downs and I know how to protect my child of the pitfalls of
course we can’t control everything but I will do my best to make sure he is
raised in this business the way I was raised in this business which is that’s
a hobby acting is a hobby and if it hits it hits then it becomes your job but it
is not your life and as long as he has something else to fall back on then I’m
cool you know what I mean it’s amazing when you have a child being
successful at such a young age and be able to you know take care of them
settled it’s about the time they hit 21 it’s like amazing you know and then not
only that if it’s done correctly and if it’s done right I believe I am Who I am
and I’m a hard worker because I started at such a young age I know what it takes
I know what it’s like I know that you have to work hard to get benefits in
this life and acting has taught me that we put a lot of attention on child stars
that have not done well in this business how about we put attention on the child
actors that have done exceptionally well you have Natalie Portman who started out
in this business at such a young age and she’s grown up to have this beautiful
career and let’s start putting a spotlight on that instead of always
focusing on the negative so I don’t mind you know my son being in this business
as long as we teach him what’s important and I think you’ll be okay aren’t you
guys I have a question for you if you were a child star what would be the show
that you would have wanted to star it let me know in the comments below so if
you guys like hearing me talk about growing up being a child star you will
definitely enjoy hearing about me growing up being a twin check out the
video right there

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