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What’s inside Star Fruit?

What’s inside Star Fruit?

– Welcome back to What’s Inside. Today we are going to see
what’s inside of starfruit. – Starfruit?
– You– – Don’t know what that is.
– Ever heard of that before? Yeah, a lot of you probably
haven’t heard what it is. So, today’s video is
sponsored by Brookside, and they challenged us to live a surprisingly delicious
lifestyle and try new things. So, we’re trying this. Starfruit. That’s starfruit.
– What? What in the world? It actually looks like a star, like at the top of this thing. – Nah, kind of, kind of not. This is a starfruit. We are going to taste this
fruit that is super random, and, uh… – It looks so weird. It
looks like somebody, like, cut an orange or an apple,
just off of little– – But first we need to learn
how to cut it like this. Stars. I cut it. – You cut that? – Yes. Mom helped a little bit. It looks like little stars.
We are going to taste this and get our reactions, and show you how to
cut starfruit yourself. This is something that you
just get at the grocery store. – Have you tried it yet? – No. And the whole reason why we are stepping outside of
our comfort zone and trying a new exotic fruit is
because of our sponsor of today’s video,
Brookside Dark Chocolates. Starfruit, move over, starfruit. Here comes Brookside Dark Chocolate. So, the two flavors that we have here, two of the most popular ones. One of them is with acai and blueberry. – I don’t even know what acai is. – Acai is like, a exotic
fruit, like that’s pretty cool. Kind of like the exotic
fruit that we’re doing today. Flavors that maybe you wouldn’t think to do all the time and I’m not good at opening
bags without a knife. I might know how to get
inside of things usually, but, when it comes to bags, I’m not good. – Nice job. – There we go. Smells really good. So, Brookside Dark Chocolate.
– Whoa, it looks like a blueberry. – [Dan] This is the acai
and blueberry flavor. – Oh, that smells good. – It does smell good. And, it really is good. Like,
it’s surprisingly delicious, because, I’m not always
a huge fan of like, chocolates and fruit together. But Brookside Dark Chocolates,
I don’t know what they did, but that combination,
like acai and blueberry, and dark chocolate.
– And dark chocolate. That was good. – That’s what makes it good, right? Next time you are at your
local store, check it out. They’re in most stores. And in the spirit of
Brookside Dark Chocolates of trying something unique and new, we are going to try something
that we think is going to be pretty unique and new. I have honestly never tried it, even though I was born in the Philippines – Wow, look at that.
and these do grow there. – That one looks like an actual star. – Yeah, so, what’s interesting is that we went into our local grocery
store, and we were like “Let’s find the most interesting
fruit that we can find,” and, when we heard that this one, it’s not its actual name
of being a starfruit, but of course, they coined it that, – Whoa, look at this one
– because it looks so awesome – Look at this one.
– when you cut it. Yeah, that looks cool. This is like a little craft
project we’re teaching you here, like a little cooking show. We’re turning into a cooking show, with the dog as our mascot. – With the dog. – So, in order to cut these,
the first thing you do is you cut the edges off of them. Boom. – [Lincoln] It’s a star. – [Dan] And boom. Which, yeah,
they look like little stars. So the second thing that you do is you have to cut off
this top part right here, because I think it helps
it look more like a star, but also, apparently this
doesn’t taste as good, like that part of it. Okay, there we go. And then, you cut it at the width that you desire. I’m going to cut it like
that, that’s pretty big. – [Lincoln] Oh, that’s a good one. – There’s just like
these little stars, just- – How skinny of one can you do? – Pretty skinny, but look at this. Look how beautiful that is. I made that. I mean, the earth made it, but (laughs), look how cool that is. – This looks really good, look at that. – All right, so, we are
going to try something- – It can stand up, look, look, look. – Yeah, they stand up, we
can just stand them all up. Little party guys. Maybe
all of them don’t stand up. Is it going to be surprisingly delicious? I don’t know yet, because
I’ve never had it. Hopefully it doesn’t
taste as bad as durian, because we ate durian once– – It can’t be that bad. – And that was the stinkiest and grossest fruit I’ve
ever tasted in my life. – Trying a bite. – No! – Look, I got a bite. (Gags) I literally almost threw up. – Okay, we’re both going to take a bite. – It’s like an apple. – It’s not bad. – Yeah. – It’s like a pear. – Yeah. – Pear and an apple combined–
– It’s like– – Had a baby. – Like, the texture’s like an apple, but it’s a bit less thick
as an apple, you know? – Yeah. It’s like a pear and
an apple were the parents, and they had a baby. Let’s pretend like that didn’t hit my eye and fall on the ground. – Hey! – Durian to surprisingly delicious, where does this fall on the scale? – It was a 9. – Surprisingly delicious. The actual name for this is carambola, carambola, but everybody’s
coined it as starfruit and the entire thing can be cooked, so a lot of people use it in cooking or putting them in relishes and things. Thank you to Brookside
for sponsoring this video and challenging us to live a surprisingly delicious
lifestyle and try something new, because I honestly would
never have tried this– – Here, try it again.
– If they didn’t challenge us. – Oh, like a burrito. – It does taste better
when you take off this. This thing’s a little bit
sour-y tasting, with the edges. Is sour-y a word? Ready, timer. Ready, set, go. Edges, forgot about that. Oh, that was a good cut. Oh, that was a good cut. Mascot, you watching this? I’m going fast. I’m going fast. – [Lincoln] Oh, that one was close. – Hurry, chef. Yes, sir. Yes, head chef. One, two, three, four, five. Boom, boom, boom. And you
have to eat the whole thing. – Mascot cruise. – (Laughs) There you go.
What’s Inside, food edition. Starfruit. Try something new, guys.

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