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Which Spanish Accent Is Sexiest? Celebrity Edition

Which Spanish Accent Is Sexiest? Celebrity Edition

– Did you miss me? I’m excited to see what these mens got. – Well, we’re freaking back. And this time, I’m just as nervous. – I still speak no Spanish because I feel like I want to be authentic in my ignorance. – My Spanish hearing has grown nothing. I don’t… I just don’t know anything about it. – Ouuu! So the bag is about to get secured, right? You bring me all these foreign men with foreign personalities, you know. Oh. Five men? I’m freaking excited. Girl, let’s do this. – [Julissa] Mr. Republica Dominicana. – Ouu! – Baby. – Yeah? – Oh, you’re trouble. You’re trouble. You’re trouble. (Kate laughing) Oh! Oh! – Oh lord, I am chocolate, honey. You hungry? Oh, no. Papi, papi, you’re trouble. Papi, papi, my credit
score is disappearing. You’re gonna take
everything from me, papi. I feel it. I feel it. My mom and my dad are gonna be like, why are you with ’em? And I’m just gon’ be like, ’cause I love him! – [Julissa] Mr. Puerto Rico. – You’re very close. – Somebody get me a glass of water. – Oh, I should pay attention. Oh, crazy. – He’s trouble, but in a different way that I can’t take about in this video. – Oh, excuse you! Oh, God, you can’t see
it but I’m blushing. – Oh, man. I need to call God real quick. (phone rings) Hey, God. I don’t know what I did
to deserve this, Jesus. You know, it’s me, it’s your girl. It’s your girl. But you keep bringing snacks. And I’m starving, so thank you. In the Father’s name, amen. – [Julissa] Mr. Mexico. – Hey. – Hey. (both laughing) – This is a lot. Okay, keep talking, honey. – What we eatin’? – Mami? Mami in the night time? – I hear your smile. You’re smiling right now, aren’t you? – Si. – [Julissa] Mr. Ecuador. – The devil is in this house, hallelujah. – I don’t know what that means. I bet it’s probably good. – Let me get prepared. Let me get prepared. – How red is my face? Awesome, awesome. – Why? Touching on me like he knows me! I’m fan girling and I
can’t even see his face. – You kinda smell like Christmas. – Oh my God. (both laughing) – You’re trouble, papi. – Oh, mami. – How many, papi? How many you got? That’s the real question. To lure me like you know me. – [Julissa] Mr. Cuba. – Oh, hey. Hm? (laughing) (kisses) – Where’s his mother? – Korea? – You’re teaching me things.
– Say it, passion. – Oh, passion. – Passion. Fire. – Fire. Yes! – Mami!
– Ou, papi! (both growling) – Cheese, kiss? Queso beso. That’s a cheese kiss, right? (men singing in Spanish) – Call the police, I died. I died here because a boy band. They sound like angels. They’re all trouble. – I picked number one. I know you’re number three. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Are you?
– No. – No? – Oh, sh**. Oh my. You are all so beautiful. (all laughing) Trouble. Oh, my God! – I couldn’t tell ya. I have no idea. You? You were! No sh**. Looked right at ’em and
said he was number three. You have your hat tipped over your eyes I thought you had the swagger of a much more forward man. – You know, I came here with one purpose. And it was to listen to Spanish accents. But not only did I hear Spanish accents, I heard beautiful music. So, how can I pick? So, I say that this bag has been secured by this wonderful band. – Alright guys, we’ll see you later. Let’s go , baby. – Oh, oh okay. See, I told you he’s trouble. (upbeat Spanish music)

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