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Which TEEN makes the best TikTok *MYSTERY CELEBRITY JUDGES* Challenge | Taylor & Vanessa

Which TEEN makes the best TikTok *MYSTERY CELEBRITY JUDGES* Challenge | Taylor & Vanessa

– No. Re-do it. Look at the camera. Look at you guys! Look at you guys, you guys look so funny. (blowing raspberries) (Glass shattering) (upbeat music) – [Sisters] Hey guys! – It’s Taylor! – And Vanessa, and today
we’re gonna be seeing who can make the best Tik Tok. – How we’re gonna be doing this is that we got several challenges to help us create the best Tik Tok ever. And at the end we have mystery
judges judging our Tik Tok. And they are big on Tik Tok. And they’re gonna see who
made the better Tik Tok. – Ohhh! But if you’re new to our channel welcome and please hit that subscribe button to be part of the Taynessasquad. – And if you guys like this video please give it a thumbs up. Also make sure you guys
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and our vlog channel, Tay & Ness Vlogs. – But let’s get on with the video. – For this Tik Tok we’re gonna have to buy the best Tik Tok outfit ever. – Yes. – You know, cause I’m gonna win. – No I’m gonna win. I’m the cool kid in this family. – The cool kid? What!? Before we go shopping guys,
so, there is a twist to this. – Yeah, so what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be having to spin a wheel, and whatever color we get, is the color that we have to
incorporate in our outfits. So we got the little wheel
and we’re gonna be spinning. But, Taylor, we gotta play
rock, paper, scissors. – [Sisters] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Yes! Okay. Give me a good color. – Oh gosh, I’m scared for you. (soft chiming) – I got red! – Red? Oh my. I don’t think I’ve even ever
seen you in a red shirt. Do you have anything red? – No, I sometimes steal
your red sweatshirt. – Oh, well yeah she
steals my red sweatshirt. Alright now it’s my turn to spin. Here we go. Ooooh. (Soft chiming) – You got– – What? – Pink! – Nooo! Oh my gosh we’re both
wearing pink right now. – I always wears pink. I love pink.
– Could I just, like, wear this? – No. – Why not? – No.
– Oh, fine. All right let’s go into Target
and start our ten minutes. – So guys, I’m here,
and I’m looking around, and I don’t really see
a lot of things red, so I’m kind of nervous. Like, I mean look at these red pants but, like, I don’t want to wear those. – [Taylor] Ha, you should get those. – No! This is purple, this is not red. Oh, they have this red shirt. That’s XXL, that’s definitely not my size. – [Taylor] You could wear the cardigan. – It’s kinda hot in Florida. – [Taylor] Oh! What was that? Nessa! That’s perfect! – No! – [Taylor] Yes! – That’s like sleepwear. I need something cute for
I can beat you, Taylor. – [Taylor] Cute? You think cute’s gonna beat me? – Yeah. – [Taylor] Nessa you
could wear that basket! Nessa that could be someones basket. – Wha-Bam. – [Taylor] Let me see. Oh. (laughs) – We gotta make sure we
get the perfect size. I think I need a necklace
though cause it’s kind of plain. – [Taylor] Nessa take the shirt back off. – How much time do I have left? – [Taylor] You have four minutes left. – Oh. – [Taylor] Less than four actually. – I’m very indecisive, someone help me. We’ll go with these. – [Taylor] Are you checking out your hair? – Yeah, how much time do I have left? – [Taylor] Three minutes
and thirty seconds. – Let’s go get a pink drink. – [Taylor] What? Wait, show them all the stuff you have. – No, Stop it. You’re trying to distract me. – Vanessa, I don’t think
you have enough time to buy a pink drink! Oh my God, she’s gonna buy a pink drink. – It’s too long. There’s like six people in front of me. If there wasn’t that long
line I could’ve done it, okay. – All right guys, now it’s
my turn for the ten minutes and I have to pick out something pink. What’s this? It’s like a oversized T-shirt. I could go for that VSCO vibe. Oh my gosh. Is this a rain coat? I think you can, like, tie it up. Maybe not. It’s kind of raining outside. Like, maybe I could totally do, like, a whole, like, rain Tik Tok, you know? Alright, that means I’m
gonna need rain boots. Like, cute rain boots. Like, these are rain boots. I don’t feel like those really match. – [Vanessa] I still think you
should wear heels with it. – No! Umbrellas! But I think it’s a prop,
not like an outfit. Like, I don’t think I can get this cause it’s more of a prop. – [Vanessa] Unless you can
figure out how to wear it. (laughing) – Like, what do you mean if
I figure out how to wear it? – [Vanessa] You gotta wear the umbrella. – Rain girl with style? Rain girl with cheetah. How ’bout rain girl, but she’s gotta get to a
meeting in twenty minutes. Rain girl, but she’s also a highlighter. Nope, bad Nessa! – [Vanessa] She’s just walking
around the store like that. Oh God. – What else does a rain girl need? Does she need a big floppy hat? – [Vanessa] No. But she got, um, two
minutes and 30 seconds left. – Oh, that’s not good. What if I, like, style it with a big belt? – [Vanessa] I think not. – I’m gonna be the cutest
rain girl at the party. Now that we picked our outfit, it’s time to pick our prop that we have to use in the Tik Tok. There’s some really strange ones in here. – Yes. – Like a toothbrush? – A hammer. – So we have to use this
prop in the Tik Tok. – [Sisters] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – No! – Oh, okay. I’m nervous. I think I want the, I think
I want the beach ball. All right. (wheel spinning clicks) – [Sisters] The hammer! – That’s gonna be weird with your outfit. – Yeah, I’m like, rain girl with a hammer? – Okay guys, now it’s my turn. I really want the teddy bear cause the teddy bear’s really cute. Okay. (wheel spinning clicks) – [Sisters] A banana! (laughing) – We got really weird items. Yeah. – My hammer could beat your banana. – No! – All right, now we gotta figure out where we’re going to film our Tik Tok. And then we have to send it
off to our mystery judges. (gasping) – All right, now I have
to make my Tik Tok. So I got my outfit, which
it was a rain outfit, but guess what it’s not doing right now. Raining. It is literally not raining right now. So that stinks. So I’m gonna have to figure out another like, Tik Tok that I can do. I have no clue guys. I’m literally freaking out. – Alright guys so I’m at the park, and I kind of have a sort of, kind of idea what I’m gonna be doing is, I’m just gonna be walkin’. Just eating my banana. And then I’m gonna trip
and drop my banana. And I’m gonna throw a fit. – Cause that was kind of my idea, was to do something with rain. But then also now I have a hammer. Like how am I gonna incorporate
a hammer in my Tik Tok? – So that’s the story of my thing. And the song goes, it like
says “song” in the beginning, and then, at the end it starts screaming. So that’s when I’m gonna
like, throw my fit. So I gotta set up the camera. – Maybe even like a scientists outfit? But it’s like pink. It’s not, it doesn’t look very scientist. I have an idea, I think I have an idea. I remember seeing this Tik Tok. ♪ Get me some skittles ♪ ♪ And I don’t wanna pay for them ♪ ♪ Um, the store manager
came up to me and was like ♪ ♪ put that back ♪ It was, like, really funny. – I’m gonna try to do slow motion for like, when I walk my banana trips and show them, like slow
motion, my banana falling. – Cause it switches between two people, I could use my outfit
to like, show who’s who. You know? And for the skittles, it’s the hammer. – I gotta edit this perfectly. Okay, oh, I’m not prepared. Ah! Nope, failed, re-shoot. All right. Oh, we’re starting. Oh I gotta get my banana open. – I had my phone here
up on a little thing. (laughing) So yeah, this is the sound. – (robotic voice) Give me some Skittles. – Like, you know I could act
like the Skittles’ the hammer. So I could, like, grab– I have no clue. (upbeat background music playing) (laughing) Alright, so the first
part I need to trim it. Here we go. – (robotic voice) Give me some– – My banana is just, full of grass. Okay we gotta make it seem, now we gotta do a slow-mo
of the banana falling. – I don’t know how I’m gonna do this. – So I got the banana falling. Now the banana just needs to lay there. Be dead banana, be dead! – Okay, we’re trying to beat Vanessa. We are going to make it
look literally perfect. All right, time to change outfits. – Oh I didn’t mean to start count down. Wait! Oh, I forgot to flip the camera! ♪ And then the store
manager came up to me ♪ ♪ And was like put that back ♪ – Dang it. (screech) My phone fell! I got a new banana. – So I need to be further
back for this one. ♪ Put that back ♪ – And then we’re gonna use
the little cool effect here. – We gotta re-shoot this,
so other banana be gone! Okay we gotta set this up, perfectly. – Okay here we go. – (Robot voice) Put that– – I gotta make this look real. Okay. I gotta have my banana open. Oh, I forgot to fall! – Now he is grabbing my arm. (upbeat music playing) This is funny. – Guys I just collapsed! My knees! Okay now we gotta get the banana falling. ♪ And I said don’t touch me ♪ – Sorry. Look at my camera, look at you guys! Look at you guys. You guys look so funny. – Now we need to get the
banana falling in slow motion. Banana go be free over there. – Tik Tok here I’m almost done. I’m almost finished. – [Robot Voice] Skittles. – I need to work on that. Oh, I am sweaty. – Now we gotta do the final, last part. This is the last time where I messed up, so hopefully I don’t mess up again. – I think we may have got it. I think I got it, it looks pretty cool. – Oh my gosh I love
it! I love the Tik Tok! I think it’s really funny guys. You guys are gonna have to wait to see when the scorers judge it. But I love the Tik Tok. I think it’s hilarious. – I added a little bit effect to it. I think it looks super funny. It is a little bit weird
that I’m holding a hammer when it says Skittles, but– – Okay, but guys, look at my knees, um. – I think we got ourselves
out of this hole. I was really worried for a rain girl. – Falling was a big struggle. It was a big, uh, oof. – I’m kind of wondering
what Vanessa’s look’s like because we’re not gonna
see it until we give it to the mystery guests, and
they, like, choose who wins. – Yeah, I had to make that
look as real as I did, but I love my Tik Tok. Hopefully I win! I think I’ll win. I think my Tik Tok is
the best Tik Tok ever. – I wanna win! I wanna win who makes the better Tik Tok. – All right guys, we gave our Tik Toks to the mystery guest judges. – Drum roll please! (hands drumming) – [Sisters] The Skorys! – They just hit a million on Tik Tok. They are hilarious. – They’re so funny. Like, I literally die laughing
watching their Tik Toks, but they also have a YouTube channel. It’s gonna be in the description, so make sure you guys check them out. We literally love them so much. – We did so many collabs with them. And like, they’re really good. – Yeah, so we sent them
our Tik Toks, you know, since they’re big on Tik Tok. You know, they’re good Tik Tok’s. So we wanted them to judge our Tik Tok’s. So I’m scared. – Ooh me too! – Okay. – Okay, so the first Tik Tok. we’re going to react to is Taylor. (yelling) – I’m scared. So lets watch it. (upbeat music playing) – Oh, I can hear it. (video playing faintly) Look they’re smiling, they’re smiling. That’s good. (laughing) Okay, they’re laughing
that’s good, that’s good. (laughing) Okay they’re laughing, they’re laughing. (group chatter) – That was good! – Grabbing the arm like that. – I would’ve liked to see
some skittles in that. (yelling) – No I had to use a hammer! – I’m taking that into consideration. – But she did have a hammer – Yes!
– No! – Yeah and she had the two
people goin’ on, switching, so. – And the raincoat. – Yes my raincoat. – All right lets watch Vanessa’s now. – Okay (upbeat music playing) – Popular song right now. (laughing) – They laughed at mine. – That was good too! – But I feel like it
could’ve been more realistic. (laughing) – Wow! Okay I want to say, I was
just slightly confused. I was just slightly confused
cause I was expecting her to like, slip on the
banana, and then scream. – [Sisters] Oh. – Have you ever had your
banana fall on the floor, and then you were like– (squealing) – So I think for that one I
am gonna vote for Vanessa. – Have you not done that before? – I’m going with Vanessa. – Oh that’s right I meant Taylor’s. Oh shoot. – Wait! They said Vanessa, and
then they took it back. (Laughing) – She’s like I vote for
Nessa, wait, Taylor. – No! That’s not how it work’s! – Yes! – No. – I’m gonna vote for Taylor. – I’m voting Taylor. – I voted for Taylor, too.
– Yes! – I’m voting for Taylor too. – You guys said me at first! – Taylor. Wait what are we doing? – Taylor’s the winner, all four of us. – Everybody say whose the winner. (laughing) – So the winner is… – [The Skorys] Taylor! – Yes, I’m so happy I won! They almost switched to you. They were like Vanessa, no wait, Taylor. Yes, I won! I think we both did really good. – Yeah. Good Job! – Under the circumstances
that we had to deal with that was, um, pretty hard. – Yeah – My hammer, they’re like I
wish I could’ve seen skittles. I’m like I couldn’t have skittles. – I should’ve slipped it on the banana. – Yeah that would’ve been funny. – I was– – Especially with like
a Mario Kart, um, sound. – See it’s realistic for me
cause I just fall everywhere. Like, I will walk and fall. So that’s just, like, realistic for me. – All right we hope you
guys enjoyed this video. Sorry we can’t show you
our Tik Tok’s on here because you know Youtube’s
gonna copyright us. So if you guys wanna see our Tik Tok’s, make sure you guys go
check out our Tik Tok’s. They’re gonna be in the
link in the description. – Also the Skorys and their Tik Tok. – So make sure you guys
go check out our Tik Tok, the Skorys’ Tik Tok,
their YouTube Channel. But if you guys wanna see
yesterday’s video it’s gonna be right over there, and if
you wanna see more videos it’s gonna be right below there. – And we’ll see you guys over there. – [Sisters] Bye!

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