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Why Don’t We: Working With Logan Paul, Serenading Selena Gomez, Looking Up To Bieber & More | People

Why Don’t We: Working With Logan Paul, Serenading Selena Gomez, Looking Up To Bieber & More | People

100 comments on “Why Don’t We: Working With Logan Paul, Serenading Selena Gomez, Looking Up To Bieber & More | People

  1. ummm is Jack liying that he is single. Like Gabriela must have gotten pregnant July 2018 and they must have been with each other for atleast a year likeee

  2. The “project” was American idol. Jack tried out at the same time as Dani, but he didn’t make it through

  3. Daniel said “we can’t change our hair so…..yeah” A couple months later he dies his hair blonde😂

  4. So Daniel says the we’re awake drinking coffee ☕️

    And Zach says the correct answer,


  5. I met some good friends with why don't we #AvaNoel
    #ArianaGrandayforever and #Jess:/ these girls are the best people and they help prove that Limelight's are the best fandom more than Limelight's are a family

  6. 4:26 omg i am gonna cry like that was huge for them like when they were ‘younger’ and now they have like 2/3 shows in every state/country they are playing😭❤️

  7. Damn now they are on the 8 letters tour !!! Y’all need to get them back in here and catch up on their life pls

  8. 2 years later…..Jack is still obsessed with Selena, Zach still has a crush on Ariana, Daniel is blonde, and Corbyn's favorite video game is fortnite.😂

  9. Aww corbyn talking about Christina just makes me feel like there gonna be together forever there SO CUTE JJXJDJFJDJJDJJDJDHDHDHHF

  10. Jack: "she is mine though"
    Daniel:"I had her first" bite his lip and looks up

    Me:" omggg they gonna fight after this" lmaooo😂😂

  11. Daniel:" whoever is single raises your hand"

    daniel raises his hand


  12. * corbyn talking about Christina*

    Daniel thinking "I'm so lonely" poor Daniel your not lonely you have mee😂❤

  13. The guy: Are u single

    Jack: raises hand
    Me: little do u know u would have a girlfriend and a baby at age 19

  14. When they were joking about saving the footage for a year later and them selling out 80000 people, that is actually true now

  15. 11:44 “have you had awkward dating experiences yet” Corbyn looks at jonah
    fast forward
    daniel: Jonah has been on A LOT of dates

  16. "If you could serenade any celebrity-"
    Daniel: Selena Gomez
    Jack: yeah Selena Gomez
    Daniel: No I said it first
    Jack: No but she is mine though.
    Daniel: No but I said it first.

    Im crying lmao

  17. 14:35 …
    “alright… I‘m on this shoe-game right now“

    2019 and he‘s still on that shoe-game😂

  18. The way Daniel said “if ur single raise ur hand “ I am laughing so hardddddd hahahaha
    N corbynnnnnnn so committed

  19. They were so quick to answer all the questions. They even answered this one 17:30 before the interviewer was done talking😂

  20. 13:10 I can’t even imagine why Jake called them a Walmart one direction because they’re amazing and so talented

  21. I found Why Don't We after I was watching a One Direction video. Two of my favorite bands. Inspired me in different ways. Love them all! 💖

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