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Will Wonder Woman Save DCEU? – The Know Entertainment News

Will Wonder Woman Save DCEU? – The Know Entertainment News

Welcome to The Know I’m Mica Burton I’m Gus Sorola. M: Could the DC film universe be saved by Wonder Woman? Well based on early responses to her new movie it looks like everyone’s favorite Amazonian princess could be riding into the rescue With a lasso. G: And an invisible jet. There’s no doubt the DC extended universe could use a helping hand these days after its first three movies all got mixed reviews -that’s being very nice- while ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Batman vs Superman’, and ‘Suicide Squad’ definitely have their defenders and we’re box-office hits they weren’t exactly universally loved by fans or critics. M: But based on early reactions from critics the upcoming Wonder Woman movie which hits theaters June 2nd could possibly turn things around in a big way for DC while proper reviews haven’t been filed yet critics who have seen the movie posted their reactions on social media last night and they said the movies great. G: A little background on Wonder Woman first before we dig into first impressions while it’s yet another superhero movie it’s also a historic one the comic has been around for 75 years but unbelievably this is the first time Wonder Woman has headlined a movie in theaters herself. The upcoming movie is also the first female led superhero movie since ‘Elektra’ in 2005. -Forgot about that one- and it’s the first to be headlined by a female from either DC or Marvel Studios. M: The movie which is directed by Patty Jenkins stars Gal Gadot as ‘Diana Prince’ who you might remember from her cameo in last year’s ‘Batman v Superman’. The new movie fleshes out Wonder Womans back story as an Amazonian princess who leaves her people behind and heads to London during World War 1. There she meets up with pilot Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine and they join forces to fight the bad guys. G: Okay, that’s all we’ll say about the plot since nobody likes spoilers some critics got to check out an advanced copy of the movie and while full reviews are still under embargo they’re allowed to post their initial reactions on social media and those started popping up last night. M: And good news for DC fans the reactions are seemingly across-the-board positive nearly everyone basically said the same thing. That Wonder Woman kick major ass G: Haleigh Foutch of Collider called “Woman easily the best DC EU movie so far. It’s got heart and a love of heroes. Pine and Godot are charming beyond measure.” Saying it’s the best DC EU movie isn’t exactly high praise. I mean It does not have… Alright anyway. M: Kate Erbland of IndieWire also said “Wonder Woman was her favorite DC EU movie so far.” Once again, like I said not saying that much, she wrote that “It has humor and heart the franchise so desperately needs.” G: I guess Wonder Woman okay was but I still like Suicide Squad the most …said no one ever. M:G: Not going to happen. Mike Ryan of Uproxx said that “Wonder Woman reminded him of Christopher Reeves Superman calling her a “True North superhero with no angst or cynicism which is needed right now.” He also added the movie “It’s part Captain America: First Avenger, and part fish out of water Thor 1.” M: That sounds pretty damn good then. More than one reviewer also mentioned that the movie was unexpectedly funny. Ryan said that “Godot and Pine have great, funny banter together” and the backdrop of World War is bleak but the characters never are.” G: Not everyone was gushing over the movie though some reviewers noted the later part of the movie had some issues Foutch said that “the movie withers a bit in the third act.” Germain Lussier of Gizmodo added “There are certainly some issues like a mismatched third act but I’ll discuss that in a longer review.” but both reviewers nevertheless said they like the movie. M: There’s one big caveat here though we’ve seen this before first impressions for both ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ were also very very glowing compared to how the movies were ultimately received by critics and fans. Although it’s worth noting that the first impressions for ‘Wonder Woman’ all are coming from movie critics while the impressions for the other two were mostly from fans who got into early screenings. Not if there’s anything wrong with that per se but maybe take these first impression roundups with a grain of salt. G: Still if Wonder Woman turns out to be good it would be welcome to you that DC who surely wants an unqualified hit. While the first three movies have all been profitable they got mixed reactions from critics -again that’s being very nice to them- the best reviewed DC extended universe movie “Man of Steel” has a 55% rating on Rotten Tomatoes “Batman v Superman” or ‘BB Supes’ and “Suicide Squad” did much worse with 28% and 25% scores respectively. You know? Mixed.(offscreen) I’m Sorry for writing that! Not a great start for the first three movies in your film universe. M: So maybe “Wonder Woman” can turn things around and give both DC and fans a big win and considering the fact that this movie is a historic first for female superheroes it could go a long way towards dispelling the notion that superhero movies headlined by women don’t work. At the end of the day fans just want a good movie and we’ll see how they take to Wonder Woman because it seems like critics at least the early ones definitely have. G: What do you think of the early impressions of “Wonder Woman” movie? Are you planning to check it out? Let us know in the comments. M: And for all of your DC movie news be sure to like this video and if you’re new around here subscribe The Know. G: or even if you’re not new. Maybe you’ve just been watching the videos and your not actually subscribed. M: That’s rude. G: Subscribe M: Subscribe G: Yeah, it’s no cost. Just Do it. (out takes) M: but based on early reactions from critics the upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ new“woman woman”G: “Germain Lussier” Fucking Hell. Really!?

100 comments on “Will Wonder Woman Save DCEU? – The Know Entertainment News

  1. Every single DC movie that comes out (since the dark knight trilogy) I always think 'man I hope its good' but i've stopped getting my hopes up because it never is.

  2. "First impressions of BvS and Suicide Squad were glowing" that sounds like a lie. I distinctly remember there being a lot of people saying it was terrible before it came out.

  3. I'm going to check it out because The 2009 animated Wonder Woman film was phenomenal and is in my top 5 greatest DC animated films!

  4. I would really hope the movies good just to open the door to better female heroes in movies but I wouldn't be surprised if they botch it

  5. i'm not gonna bother seeing it in theaters, if it gets great reviews I'll rent it. the problem is that they screwed up the two movies that everyone was going to see regardless, if one of those two had been good, it would have driven my interest to see WW.

  6. Save??? you are very confuse… DC is growing the fact you don't understand how thing are tiding up…. but don't worries eventually you going to cache it…

  7. The movie looks good as far as action and visuals, at least it looks like it from the trailers. I feel like Gal Gadot is not a good actress though, not for this part in particular, but in general

  8. I'm 100% going to see this movie but I really hope they've put the original Diana Prince Wonder Woman Theme Song in there somewhere. My tiny brain will explode if they have!!!

  9. I never had an issue with DC movies. I know they were flawed, but I still got my money's worth. I was all into the Marvel films, but felt they continued to play it safe and it got predictably boring. I am looking forward to wonder woman.

  10. I have never understood what was wrong with batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. They were both good movies that I enjoyed I really dont get why they were hated so much.

  11. DC needs a lot more than a helping hand it needs automail limbs because it's an amputee having lost both arms and legs

  12. The best DCEU movie so far means it is not a total mess. It is just a minimal mass. The story incoherent but not too incoherent. Characters are portrait badly but not that bad and the action is shot horrible but not that horrible,

  13. Yeah I think this movie will be good but not profitable cause people will be put off from the other films

  14. I accidentaly ate a cockroach with my breakfast this morning… that was a "mixed" breakfast.

  15. Wonder Woman may help if it's good but Justice League trailer haven't been very special, from how bad Cyborg looks, no exciting spots and too much cgi. When the trailer high point is Aqua-man car surfing which I liked but rather see something special. WW I think I'll like but knowing her power level from fighting Doomsday can she really be challenged in this new film, like her walking through the battlefield she really doesn't need to block the bullets they would only sting a little to her like shooting the hulk. I hope Ares fight is great & long extended battle somewhat like Superman & Zod.

  16. I would love for it too

    But the extreme lack of promotion is probably going to hurt the film tbh which really sucks because it looks AMAZING

  17. Save the DCEU??? Almost $700 million, $900 million and almost $800 million? lol… Exaggeration much? If she doesn't make what Man of Steel made back in 2013 she might be the reason the suits at Warners hits yet another panic button cause she gotta save her own reason for being first before she saves DC Entertainment. Reviews don't beget financial success… She is up against some competition, not even as much competition as Man of Steel was but she's got competition, she's sandwiched between a couple potential blockbusters just like Man of Steel Was… We'll see how much saving Wonder Woman does.

    Still, the DC hate is real with this channel… It's sickening that everyone wants the cookie cutter superhero movies to all look like every Marvel film with a laugh track playing in the background of the apocalypse. Artists compromising their visions at the behest of gallery attendees doesn't sit right with me. WB needed to let these filmmakers make their movies and keep back… The interferences is what's turning the DCEU from what we got in Man of Steel to the Avengers Lite-er

  18. "…also the first female lead superhero movie since "Elektra", which was in 2005…"

    Yeah. We all try to forget "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" from 2006. Granted.

  19. Save from what? All of the DCEU movies has been financially successful. Critics means nothing! At the end of the days its a business this movie needs to earn profit for the studio to continue making these movies. Critics are not gonna save the movie what saves them is the profit the movie makes.

  20. I love how they say let us know in the comments down below. If someone from the know reads this I dare you to reply

  21. Whether or not I like WW depends on whether or not I go to theaters for JL. Soooo… here's hopin'!

  22. Theres a hated for DC movies because the way plot the stories its poorly done, rushed, and sometimes lacking hopefully this one is a better start for them

  23. Gal Ga-dot not Gadowe! If the third act is as weak as a few of the critics have mentioned, its going to damage the movie as a whole. Because that's the last thing you see before the movie ends and you leave the theatre…so that's what sticks with you. Nearly every Hollywood movie I've seen have poor third acts, the result of which I lose interest completely and never want to see them again. I was hoping WW would be different, because it really needed to be! Oh well at least Gadot's performance as WW in this movie has been universally praised by those critics that have seen it so far. I thought she would be the weakest link, but its that bloody third act instead!

  24. With the right writers who knows the source material, and the right director. The DCEU would have some great movies, in the animated movies that DC makes are great. I enjoyed them a lot, and BvS wasn't great but it wasn't bad. While I agree it could have been better, Wonder Woman looks like it will be a really good movie. You can't always go by what the critics say, they said Ghostbusters (2016) was a good movie. I thought that was just terrible, and badly written movie.

  25. Everyone who says " DC is not bad, they made a lot of money" Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Transformers: Age of Extinction made over a billion dollars and those movies was a piece of garbage.

  26. Wonder woman can't be the only good superhero movie to save this universe. Even if this is great if Justice League fails then can we please give up on dc? 5 movies and 3 go from mixed response to awful receptions don't make a good start to the universe.

  27. We'll see. I don't really care much for the DCEU. Too dark and brooding and trying to make superhero movies into dramas or something like they're chasing an Oscar. At least Marvel doesn't try and turn it's movies into drawn out melodramas.

  28. my favorite dc movie is Suicide Squad and batman nor supes brawl without trying to find peaceful solutions bats gots hundres of hacked cameras and would have known of martha beforehand. thor is presented clueless but he is a expert tactician and knows all languages of the 5 realms knows maths and science that surpass earths. hope on black panther and aquaman, both genius intellect one in physics other in war tactics and both above average mystics users, black panther uses enhanced agility and precise gymnastic combat to fight and not kill. aquaman by trident holds the force of the seven seas in his mind and can command an army of sea life including kraken and hydra, aquaman is bulletproof and stab and poison resistant as he fights crazed sharks and and sinks uboats by tuging them to crush depth.

  29. the movie will probably be good but i hate how they have given her an accent like that, at least make it easier to understand

    Batman V superman was great (on blu-ray) and Suicide Squad was too (again on blu-ray and except for joker that was terrible) so don't let us down WW

  30. wonder Woman is still apart of DCEU which means its going to suck, it has to stay in canon with the rest. they should have never started with Man of Steel, it was crap.

  31. I like his definition of MIXED…Can we just say that unless you are a "DIE HARD" fan of the DCEU movies, Man of Steel was OK, while BvS and SS had some good moments, a lot of WTF moments and really were NOT that good as movies go, but looks like Wonder Woman MAY be the hit WB NEEDS!!!

  32. Wow, Man of Steel was garbage in my opinion. I fell asleep half way through and woke up when he was fighting Zod in the end. Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were much more entertaining.

  33. I love how you selected the so-called glowing reviews…apparently according to one-dimensional reviews, WW is the best in the DCEU was the common consensus ..what about the tweets that said time and time again that it's a great film and it's the best WB superhero film since the Dark Knight! etc etc

  34. Won't actual Journalism save us from channels that spew unoriginal, pandering and thoughtless content would be a better question to contemplate.

  35. Guys, it is pronounced Ga-dot not Ga-dough. She is Israeli, not French.
    Just thought you would want to (The) Know.

  36. No unfortunately it likely won't ! In order to save DCEU WB has to release more than one critically acclaimed and financially succesful movie! One good or even great comic book movie won't turn the tables for DCEU! It took lots of effort to ruin DCEU image and it will take almost as much effort to restore it back! One great movie is not enough…

  37. You are triggering me so much. It's Gadot with a hard "t", not "Gadoh", never "Gadoh".

  38. The DCEU doesn't need saved…anymore than Marvel did after Hulk flopped and Ironman 2 being a mess.

  39. I've been waiting so long for a wonder woman film, it's a sin that there hasn't been one before. I really hope this film shines and doesn't end up being let down by its setting like the first Captain America film was or badly directed like Man of Steel and BVS.

    I still don't understand the hate for Suicide Squad, never will. I will also never understand the praise for the Avengers.

  40. OK, even before seeing this film, and let me preface this with the fact i LOVE wonder woman, there are already two things that bug me.
    the first is really quite small: i really don't like the look they've gone for with Ares, in the comics his armor takes after Greek armor because he's a Greek god, but this weird skull-head look just looks goofy.
    secondly, whilst it is a minor change, it really annoys me that they've changed Diana's origin. in the comics it's nearly universal that the amazons have a tournament to decide who escorts Steve Trevor back to the world of man, Diana is forbidden from taking part in it by her mother Hippolyta but disguises herself and wins, proving herself to be the best warrior and champion despite people, even her own mother, not believing in her. that is, by far, more powerful and interesting an origin than the standard, cliche destiny gimmick this film seems to be going with. the idea that Hippolyta knows her daughter will grow up to be a champion and is destined for greatness breaks the whole origin as it gifts the responsibility of being Wonder Woman to Diana, rather than being earned by her own excellence and talent. it also makes the idea of the tournament (if this appears in the film) completely pointless, as if they know diana is the chosen one and will be the amazon's champion there's no need to hold it at all.
    Neither of these issues are movie-breaking, and this is, of course, just my opinion. but i really do believe that if these two aspects were closer to the comic source material it would lend even more strength to what i hope will be an excellent movie.

  41. The answer is no, the question you should be asking is how bad could it be? the answer hopefully isn't suicide sqaud

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