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what is up guys welcome back to the
channel to another roundup episode keeping you up to date on all the latest in pro wrestling coming up we’re talking everything that went
down on Monday Night Raw the good the bad and the highlights more the recent
backstage news with WWE blaming talent for recent controversy an awkward
meeting being done backstage to address the recent issues backstage morale
continued to be on an all-time low this women refusing a faction idea from one
of their top superstar and more but before we get into it make sure to elbow
drop it and have those notifications to be up today on all the latest anyways
let’s go ahead and round it up to start off there’s multiple reports indicating
that WWE held a meeting backstage before Monday Night Raw the meeting was held
around 3 p.m. Eastern Time according to the wrestling or server with Vince
McMahon and the raw crew which is that the travel de Vaca coming out of
Thursday WWE crown jewel event in Saudi Arabia was heavily addressed the company
reportedly blamed talent speculation for causing a problem talents were told that
the fly issues were all mechanical and nothing more
saffron’s reportedly spoke up at the meeting and attempted to do what was
described as an awkward speech while telling people to keep things quiet
about the meeting and other company happenings of social media in the future
so that it doesn’t cause the speculation that it did over the weekend other
report from square circle indicate that the rumor argument slavs disagreement
between Vince McMahon and the prince was not discuss and it was also added that
besides a violence giving the awkward speech he did attempt to unify the
locker room on Seth Rollins defense it was noted that some superstars felt that
self was pushed into this position and he wasn’t very comfortable doing it
which at some point you gotta feel bad for Seth Rollins being put into this
position as the locker room leader and trying to smooth things over with other
superstars in a situation that is so delicate Seth Rollins did
responds to all of these reports as of late and after Monday nitro went off the
air he even called out Dave Meltzer for the reports that we just discussed he
stated the following and lastly at Dave Meltzer you are at best a purveyor of a
misinformation or at worse and outright vindictive liar I hope is the former I
don’t think it needs to be said but as you guys know as of late Seth Rollins
hasn’t really been helping the situation with his tweets and his character is
just not translating with the fans he is supposed to be the top babyface but adds
like an ultimate heal and social media so we’re just waiting for WWE to
actually give us that he’ll turn sticking with travel issues AJ Styles is
the first WWE Superstar to break their silence regarding the details
surrounding the travel delays living in Saudi Arabia as he spoke directly during
a mixer gaming stream on Sunday night he did indicated that reports over the
weekend were extremely exaggerated and stated that the first issue had to do
with paperwork then the person who could refuel the plane had to go home which of
course he thought it was odd because why would he leave home without actually
fueling it up but after that was done the pilot had to rest due to their ship
being timed ow he did also mention that he didn’t have any information regarding
what happened with Vince McMahon and the prince and emphasized that it was just
mechanical issues and maybe it was just that because WWE just announced that
they have extended their partnership with Saudia general Entertainment
Authority through 2027 to include a second annual large-scale event which
they already been doing which clearly they’ve made this statement just to try
to get all of the bad speculation out of everyone because again they have been
holding two events per year but this announcement basically makes it official
although this however is not necessarily changing the feeling backstage as it was
notified wrestles that the viperox to HR role is that of wariness when a majority
of superstars so speaking about the event of the weekend and this is likely
a topic that will be discussed behind the scenes so for a very long time
to come over oh this whole situation no matter how you look at it and only add
to the low back stage more out that WWE is suffering from on to some other news
as you guys know Randy won and the revival was set to become a good
three-man team in the WWE there were teaming and live events and
even on television for a couple of weeks and on and off they were working
together on to WWE split them up in the recent brand split reports from five
four are indicating that Randy Orton really wanted to work with the revival
but apparently visu been denied his requests sources indicated that Randy
learned push to do more work with the revival even going as far as pitching a
faction to Vince McMahon personally the idea didn’t work out fell off on deaf
ears and Randy won in the revival where instead of put on different brands in
the recent draft kind of offer them to go with different idea especially if
Randy Orton was the one suggesting this maybe Vince just had different plans or
maybe he just doesn’t want to put them together because if they do and then
they end up leaving the company is gonna make an even bigger impact if they show
up somewhere else together we’re far off from this
happening but it could happen late next year regardless though I would love to
see regardless though I would have loved to see Randy horn into another faction
because usually that is when he is the most evil and it couldn’t worked out we
got a lot of three-man teams right now and group just building in the WWE with
the OCD undisputed era and so on and now moving into what went down on Monday
Night Raw which certainly wasn’t as entertaining i smackdown life
unfortunately and I don’t think it was that hard for WWE to continue the
momentum or they really had to do was have a Nexus superstars invade Monday
Night Raw matches instead of just doing it in a big segment if they would have
spread out these attacks a bit more consistently like they did on Smackdown
it would have been one of the best Monday Night Raw that we got it but
honestly it was more of the same with some highlights thrown in there the show
started off with Brock Lesnar boots on a rampage to get Rey Mysterio so he goes
to the Baxter and hunt him down while attacking other
local talent / WWE employee then first match of the night we started off with
Natalya and Charlotte flayer teaming up defeating womans acting champions the
kabuki warriors why you having you attack team champions get defeated like
this I have absolutely no idea this year’s ended up being a very
awkward match at one point we even had Charlotte Flair trying to make it hot
tag and clearly it was a Bart spot because Natalya was pushing away almost
like she didn’t even want the tag and Charlotte was moving on slow motion
anyways is clear that Natalya and Charlotte Flair are going for those Tag
Team Title snakes and all of the sudden WWE decided to forget about Becky Lynch
and Oscar on the backstage bra class who continued to hunt Rey Mysterio which led
him back to the stage and there he ended up F fiving deal mat it right on the
announce table do matter of course try to come to the save of Jerry the King
Lawler who Paul Heyman was in the faceoff and then Brock lesner came face
to face asking him where the hell is Rey Mysterio after the f5
Rey Mysterio did came out made the save by attacking Brock lessen with a pipe
and taking him down in a follow our segment Rey Mysterio challenged Brock
Lesnar to a match at Survivor Series which I’m excited for it’s really not a
cross branded match but I’m still down for it I’m also scared for Rey Mysterio
of course second match of the night we got body Murphy defeating Cedric
Alexander with Murphy’s Law then we got a segment with self Rollins as he came
out to address the crowd following his Universal Championship lost he stated
that he felt lost he didn’t know what to do outcomes Triple H because you guys
know that every time Seth Rollins is directional less Triple H is just around
the corner to help him out Triple A says how about you join me self Rollins and
come back to NXT several and thinks about any kind of denying strip waste
requests how comes the undisputed era then we know what’s gonna come down but
out comes the OC so even out the odds and of course represent Monday and I
roll even though they don’t like Seth Rollins The OC gets attacked by the
undisputed era and also adding Dominic Endymion
priests to the attacked and then comes pretty much everybody in the wrong
locker room that hasn’t won a match in forever afterwards saffron so Triple H
that row isn’t the same as smackdowns depleted roster and that if he wants him
to join an XE he wants a championship opportunity tonight against Adam Co
which Triple H except up next we got Andrade and Selena Vega defeating Sin
Cara and Karolina rusev challenged Bobby Lashley but poor Bobby couldn’t complete
because he injured his groin having too much physicality with Lana and this is
not a joke he introduced Jim McIntyre as his replacement which I’m already
disappointed that they included Jim McIntyre to all of these BS storylines
anyways rusev defeated drew McIntyre by disqualification which of course it was
by Bobby Lashley who came out to attack him
rusev fall back but got hit by an RKO out of nowhere from Randy orange which
then ricochet made the save we have Shayna Baszler interrupting a Becky
Lynch interview and just to have a face-to-face confrontation on Survivor
Series we’re getting a triple threat match between Raw Women’s Champion Becky
Lynch and exceed what my champion Shayna Baszler
and Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley which I’m excited for Survivor Series is
really hitting up fifth match we got AJ Styles in the OCD Phoenix free prophet
and Roberto querido the Viking raiders defeated a couple of joggers once again
the East Hampton polo boys and for the main event we got NXT champion saffron
is defeating Adam Cole but it was by disqualification when the undisputed era
interfere this turned into a big brawl between the raw and the NXT roster and
that is where the show ended the end of it was expected and it’s unfortunate
that they didn’t handle it the right way because Smackdown even with Adam Cole
pinning Daniel Bryan clean was still a much more better show it was still a
better ending and it had more of an impact of what’s to come a Survivor
Series this was just typical WWE main event booking heading into Survivor
Series having a which is very lazy nowadays and WWE
always book it the same way which doesn’t make it special anymore anyways
guys that is what I got for you in this Ronda Peppa so if you enjoy don’t forget
to elbow drop and hit those notifications to be fully up-to-date on
all the latest we underwater 200000 subscribers am I to T Yahoo did you

38 comments on “WWE BLAMES TALENT FOR RECENT DISASTER! Top Star REJECTED & AWKWARD RAW Meeting Held – The Round Up

  1. Seth Rollins speaking up for the talent he can't keep his own mouth shut on Twitter and interviews it should have been AJ Styles should speaking up for the locker room. Well Triple H didn't write the show Soo of course this show would suck.

  2. Why not just put Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre in a tag team together since they’re is nothing good for either of them?

  3. It's NXT vs RAW & Smackdown. I don't get why it's Mysterio vs Brock when it should be Brock vs The Fiend vs Adam Cole.

  4. The deal with the KSA was a 10 year deal and was signed in 2017 so the statement of them extending the deal is false. 2017 – 2027 is 10 years. Yes their official statement says extending, but in actuality is is just making it official that they have a 10 year agreement with the KSA.

  5. Vince the almighty dickbag can go already. Seeing him appear on tv is nothing special. His creative ideas are shitty. His way of thinking just doesnt work. Back then superstars in real life would put their foot up Vince McMahon ass for making such stupid decisions. Everybody now walks around on egg shells. Fuck that walk up to the old man and beat his ass. Knock some sense into his fucking limp noodle aas.

  6. Seth rollins is an ass kisser to vince who is trying to keep everyone from quitting because they all know theyll be getting the royal treatment at AEW.

  7. All the revival do is fight and talk shit about new day have they ever fought and beat someone else on the main roster?

  8. so after learning about what happen no raw i just wanted to ask do you think they will be putting the wwe up for sale soon are say f**k it and go straight out of business like wcw did because to me it's getting less and less entertainingly by the moment and that's a shame because i remember when wrestling was worth both your time and money to bad we can't go back to those days when it meant something

  9. What a bummer! Orton and the Revival couldv'e been interesting since The Legacy. Vince really lost his touch and probably the reason why his company is in shatters right now.

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