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YouTube star Logan Paul Posts Video of Dead Body | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

YouTube star Logan Paul Posts Video of Dead Body | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

YouTube Sensation Logan Paul is in some serious
hot water now. Paul, who has over fifteen million subscribers
uploaded a video of a dead body to his channel. The You Tuber was visiting the so-called “suicide
forest” in Japan and came across a man who had apparently committed suicide. Paul claims he uploaded the video to make
people aware of the epidemic and for people to get help but fellow You Tube creators and
arguable the rest of the world did not see it that way. Even Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul couldn’t
let the matter go unnoticed, tweeting… ‘How dare you! You disgust me! I can’t believe that so many people look
up to you. Aaron went on to call Paul “pure trash”
and told the YouTuber to “rot in hell.” Logan has continued to apologize but the fallout
is severe not just for him but for YouTube as well.

14 comments on “YouTube star Logan Paul Posts Video of Dead Body | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

  1. I just want to let everyone know that your life is more valuable than you could possibly understand, no matter how many times people laugh at you, no matter how many times you're made fun of, you are more beautiful than you could possibly understand, when people are mocking your dreams, you need to be conquering them. Stay strong, and never give up.

  2. I think that this subject has been blown way out of proportion. Logan tried to spread a positive message as he tends to do that "people love you and please don't resort to suicide", but a lot of people have taken it the wrong way. If this huge figure we know as Logan Paul wasn't a big successful star then this might not be as big as a problem. If you are not ok or if parents are not ok with logans content then they should be monitoring what they watch also because some of his content is not sutible for young viewers. Logan also apologized twice and deleted the video and I think if you can not accept a apology as sincere as such you will not be able to move on witch is a huge part of life. Also suicide is a part of life and no one would know or yet even care about this man if a big social media figure such as Logan Paul didn't make a mistake including him as we will see in much of the drama today some being worse than this. It's a dead body witch Is a part of life and people have to go through it, we have all seen a dead body before online and in real life, (for example at a funeral if you think you are excluded)

  3. Voice acting is amazing on this. Love the narrator and also the graphics. 10/10. I wish that they would make longer versions. That's all. I love this idea.

  4. I like Logan Paul and I don’t care about what he did honestly I have other things to do than a reacttion vidéo talking shits about him (not talking about u ) but anyway..

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