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YouTubers React To Celebrity Clapbacks

YouTubers React To Celebrity Clapbacks

– Ah! Love her!
Take several seats. Bitch, I am seated.
– Can we just all make an agreement right now to just let people
do their thing? ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you’re gonna be
reacting to some of the most talked about celebrity clapbacks
on social media. – Clapbacks, ooh. I like that.
– Oh. This is my territory. I do this on the regular.
– (FBE) So, for those who may not know,
Merriam-Webster actually added the term to the dictionary
in January of this year. – Clapback?
– Really? I don’t know how I feel about that.
– I love that. That’s so fun and fresh.
I feel like there’s been so many words recently being added
to the dictionary that are “internet terms.”
– (FBE) And they define clapbacks as, quote, “Responding to criticism
with a withering comeback.” – Oh, nice, nice, nice. Okay.
A clapback. I thought it was gonna have
to do with butts, but maybe that– like butts clapping.
I don’t know. – I like seeing people’s funny,
witty reactions and comebacks, so this should be good.
– (FBE) So, this first clapback comes from Chrissy Teigen,
who’s replying to the Miss Teen USA Pageant.
– “These are your top five Miss Teen USA contestants.”
The all look exactly the same. – “How can we choose
from such a diverse bunch?” (laughs) I was about to say!
– I know. – They’re all blonde and blue-eyed.
– Uh, no. Correction. One had green eyes. (laughs)
– Oh. Sorry. (laughs) – She is famous for clap backing.
She doesn’t even care about anything. – Honestly, the first time
I saw this on Twitter was shocking too,
’cause if you told me that was the same girl,
I would believe it. – I’m always concerned that people
who don’t like that are gonna see that,
and they’re gonna be like, “I’m not hot.
I’m not,” whatever, you know. So, I’m really glad
that Chrissy Teigen’s about this. – (FBE) All right. So this next post
is from pop star Halsey’s Instagram feed.
– “You are a feminist, but you flash your boobs
in Playboy magazine.” Playboy’s still going on?!
– “Yeah, it’s crazy. I can show that on Playboy,
perform at the Nobel Peace, speak at Planned Parenthood,”
oh goodness. It has a lot. – “Shake my ass on 300 stages,
give a speech at the United Nations…”
– Yeah! – “…do 150 shots of tequila…”
– Ha, turn up! – All at once!
– Uh! – “…get a number one album…”
– Number one! – “…and march in the streets
of DC all in just ONE year.” – Oh!
– “Newflash: A woman can be multidimensional.”
(chuckles) She could’ve just said, “Yeah, it’s crazy.”
– (both laugh) – That, honest to God,
it would’ve had the same energy. And I’m so supportive of it,
’cause she’s right, but definitely, “Yeah, it’s crazy”
would’ve been enough. – It’s not really necessary,
’cause if you know her and you’re a fan of her,
you know this already. You don’t need to tell a hater,
because regardless of what you say, they’re gonna just keep, you know,
trying to put you down. – Yeah, that’s when you clap back.
That’s a good comment to clap back at. Women can be multidimensional! – Yes, we can!
– And we come in all shapes and sizes! – (FBE) So next up, is a clapback
from gold medalist Simone Biles’ Instagram account.
– “Seems like you have partied nonstop for a year. #trash
#unfollow #suckyassrolemodel.” – Oh, Simone Biles. Queen.
“Talk to me when you train for 14 years
and earn five Olympic medals. I think kids would say otherwise.
My year off is well deserved.” Ah! Love her! Take several seats.
Bitch, I am seated. – That is so true! ‘Cause people
look at what other people and just like, “Oh,
you’re not really working hard. You don’t need a break.”
And I’m like, “No, sometimes you really do.”
– Everybody has to deal with that, somebody criticizing them
when they are literally doing absolutely nothing.
– It’s good. It’s just not as tea as I would like.
I like when clapbacks are scandalous. – If I even have just one,
and I train for 14 years for just that one medal,
let alone five, yeah, I can take a year off.
Hell, I can– I’m good. – Oh, Rihanna! My favorite clap–
That’s the clapback queen right there. All right.
– MTV. – “Yikes.”
– (both) “Rihanna’s marijuana photos from Coachella spark controversy.”
– MTV. “Yikes.” – (both) “Rihanna ran out of…
Fs to give.” (chuckle) – That’s a good one.
– Oh, Rihanna! Oh, Rihanna! Somebody don’t care. (chuckles)
– I just love that all these people have such a bad bitch energy. Oh!
– There at Coachella, isn’t that where, you know…
– Ain’t that where you do that? I don’t know.
This is just people nitpicking. Who cares what she’s doing?
– mslovedovey says… – (snickers)
– “I’m sick of that ponytail.” – Mm.
– Ariana Grande says to mslovedovey, “I’m not.”
– Facts. That’s it. That’s good. simple and sweet.
– If you have a short clapback, and it’s just like, “Damn. Burn,”
like, those are the best. – I’m just surprised that she even
saw this comment and took the time to respond to it,
’cause she probably gets thousands of people saying
she should change it up. – People tend to forget
that celebrities and other influencers have brands that
they have to follow. And Ariana’s ponytail
is part of her brand. – Can we just all make an agreement
right now to just let people do their thing? – I don’t understand.
– There’s more important things to care about in this world
than a ponytail. – (FBE) All right,
so this next clapback comes from Good Morning America
news anchor Al Roker, who replies to a fan
that is dissatisfied with the announcement
of a new host. – Ooh! I love Al Roker.
– “Sorry. Hoda, you’re great with Kath Lee but not as anchor.
Was looking for a seasoned man.” Ah! (laughs)
What? I can’t even fini– “Guess NBC doesn’t have one.”
Ah! Okay, I’m offended! – “Sounds like you want
a steak, not an anchor.” That’s so good.
I like this. – Oh my god! (claps)
That is a good one! – He’s standing up
for the new co-host. I’m proud of him.
Just like, “Yeah, dude! You do that!” And doggone it,
now I want a steak. – “Joan Crawford looks
way better in my opinion. More classic and refined.
And Julie is wearing ugly black nail polish.”
You really concentrated on the nail polish out of all that.
That is beautiful. – All right. So then
Julia Roberts says, “It is in fact a navy polish
with garnet crystals as a grounding accent,
in case you would like to edit your comment
from ‘ugly black nail polish’ to ‘ugly navy polish
with garnet crystals.’ Just sayin’.”
I don’t even know what garnet crystals are. Garnet–
– I think it might be gar-ni-ay crystals.
– Gar-ni-ay? – Garnier Fructis crystals.
– (snickers, laughs) – I like the little emoji.
That’s kinda like, “Yeah, I just slayed you”
kind of thing. – Yeah, no. (chuckles) Like, what?
Like, Julia Roberts– I’m sorry. That was not a clapback.
Aw, poor Julia. I love her, but… so not good.
– It’s actually navy blue, not black. Gotcha. Like, yeah, no.
Then again, she’s got way more money than me,
so I’m just gonna be quiet. – (FBE) All right, so this next
Instagram post is between Riverdale cast members KJ Apa
and Cole Sprouse. – Right. Ooh.
Are they gonna be beefin’? – KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse
when they were actually 17. “Man, I would have absolutely
crushed you at age 17.” (chuckles) “You wouldn’t have survived
the weight of my”– Ohh! (laughs) – Oh my god. (chuckles)
No way. See, that’s what I like. It’s funny, ’cause he doesn’t mean it,
but… yeah, I love– this is what I wanna see on Twitter.
– I live for Cole Sprouse. I think he is so funny.
He’s definitely someone that does not take BS
from people online, and I kind of live for that.
– This is good, because this is a friendship
and it’s lighthearted. And obviously, he’s joking,
but he’s actually being truthful. Cole Sprouse is.
– (giggles) And that’s what’s funny about it is it’s true.
– (FBE) So, this next tweet comes from Tom Anderson,
co-founder of Myspace who’s talking about the change
in Instagram’s terms of service. – Tommy! Myspace Tom.
– “People keep saying, so I’ll say it. Fear over Instagram’s term change
is ridiculous. Get real folks.” – “Says the who was not able
to keep a social network alive.” (laughs)
Wait, and he’s got a clapback to that, ’cause that was pretty good.
– “Says the guy who sold Myspace in 2005 for $580 million
while you slave away hoping for a half a day”–
Wow. That’s funny. I like that.
– You usually shouldn’t bring money into it, but at that point,
like, amen. – Oh, Tom! He’s always
in my top friends list, and that’s the reason right there.
– I feel like Tom won that. – (both laugh)
– I think he’s winning. – But he also could’ve spent his money
and had it written in the sky above the guy’s home.
– Mm. See, Tom, you ain’t doing it right.
– That would’ve been pretty cool. – When we get those types
of comments, I just– when I want to respond,
I just sit there and just– like, I know who I am.
I know the hard work I’ve done. There’s no need.
I don’t need to say anything. – (FBE) So, since your career
as an online creator involves putting some of your life
out into the public, we have to ask,
what types of comments have you received
from people online? – Most of them are
usually very positive. And I think a big part
of that is just because the type of content I put out
is designed to encourage people. – For me personally, I don’t get
a lot of hate. I mean, you always get
your standard “Kill yourselves,” your standard–
“Your standard.” (chuckles) I mean, it’s just so normal
these days, because there is a level of anonymity.
You can kind of say whatever you want and get away with it.
– You can be flooded with thousands of positive comments,
and then there’s one that says, “You’re stupid,”
and you’re like, “Oh, I am!” – (laughs)
– We’ll get the typical, “Cringe!” – Yeah. Oh, yeah. “Cringe.”
– “These guys are too old to be playing high school students,”
you know. – Or just a casual
“not funny,” “unfunny.” I don’t even claim to be funny.
– We don’t claim to be funny. – I’m just out here kickin’ it.
– I have a girlfriend. We’re pretty open on the internet.
Whenever we post pictures together, people add their two cents saying,
you know, whatever they want about her or more
or who I could be with. The only time we do clap back
is if we come up with a funny one that we could– you know, everybody
would love and just laugh at. – (FBE) So, we’re curious. Be honest.
Have you ever clapped back at your online critics?
– I have no memory of doing that myself.
Maybe I’ve said “thank you” or tried to be nice most of the time.
– Mm-hmm. Smart aleck-y. Yeah. – If you really wanna beat a bully
or anyone who wants attention, if you give them literally zero input
and add zero, they’ll just get so much more upset, and they’ll
just have to deal with themselves. – On Instagram, maybe I’ll get a DM
from a kid, and they’ll say something really mean.
And I’ll reply and be like, “Sorry you feel that way.”
And they’ll be like, “Yo! Actually, been a big supporter
of your channel. Love you. Can you shout me out?”
– Yeah, well, actually, this one person was so personal
with their clapback or their negative comment.
I just said, “Yeah, I see your IP address”
or whatever, and I really didn’t. But they were like, “I’m so sorry!
I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it! That was my little sister!”
And I’m like, “Okay, you didn’t mean it
or your little sister didn’t mean it?” I don’t know,
but I sense a lie. – I just had one actually
a few days ago that got me into a little bit of hot water
on Twitter. I posted a new video,
and I had a bunch of ads in it. Somebody replied and was like,
“Oh my god, James. I cannot believe you put
six ads in this video. You’re so greedy.”
And I ended up replying, and I schooled her a little bit,
and I was like, “Listen, girl, there are six in a 30-minute
YouTube video that took three days to film.
That’s roughly three minutes of advertisements.
You can skip through them on YouTube, and we lose almost 50% of money.
Whereas TV programming, 30-minute program,
you’re getting eight minutes of ads that you can’t skip,
and it’s going to a billion-dollar corporation.”
It sucked in the moment, but I’m okay with looking that way
if it means starting a conversation and making a change for the better.
– (FBE) All right, so finally, what is your advice
to fellow public figures on how to handle what comes
with the comments from social media? – Don’t take it so seriously and kinda
just focus on the positive. And the more you incentivize
the positive comments, the more they’ll come.
– Just pick your battles wisely. Just do you. At the end
of the day, you’re just being the best version of yourself.
And if you’re doing that, [bleep] ’em. – Number one, know who you are.
So, if you’re happy with what you’re doing,
and you’re really thrilled with the kind of content
that you’re putting out, and you’re thrilled
with what you’re doing, then it doesn’t matter.
– If you’re succeeding, you’re feeling really good
about where you’re at, then don’t let people’s
negative opinions of you bother you, because clearly,
you have a really positive impact. And if you are in the public eye,
and you’re popular, you’re probably popular for a reason.
– There’s always going to be people that don’t like what you do.
And it’s literally impossible to please everybody.
So really try your absolute hardest to focus on those who are being kind
and who are being supportive, because, at the end of the day,
those people are gonna bring you to the top and be with you
for a very, very long time. – Personally, just don’t even bother.
– Unless you have a really clever response.
– Clever response and you really feel the need in your heart
to stick up for yourself. Then go ahead.
But most of the time, it’s better just to let it go.
– Let people be. – That’s the theme of our time filming.
– Of us. Yeah. – (both) Let people be! – Thanks for watching YouTubers React.
– Subscribe to all the creators in this video.
Links in the description. – Do you like to clap back?
Let us know in the comments. – (both) Bye!
– Hey, it’s Sierra, producer here at FBE.
Thank you so much to all the creators who came in to shoot this episode.
Make sure to go support them by subscribing to their channel.
Links are in the description below. Bye, guys.

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