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[Z-Stars] Z-Stars are SENIORS now🙊

[Z-Stars] Z-Stars are SENIORS now🙊

Z-Stars wrap up their Thailand schedule From variety show, SNS Live, Interview to Radio Members had a tight schedule everyday Meeting Thailand GalaxZ who waited for long time was a one week happier than ever Lets check the unforgettable moments with the clips! Z-Stars sneak in to audition scene for 2nd generation! [Roy]It’s first time to meet the members of 2nd generation Z-Stars creates a stir with a surprise appearance at the audition scene Presents an awesome stage to the pre-Z-Stars and it was a meaningful time cheering together for the dream to pass the audition I hope your dream will become true So don’t be nervous and worry about it You will reach your dream if you try your best Z-Stars having fun during the waiting time in between the schedules [Creating a doll dance version] [Learning dance from various countries] [Musical Lion King Number]
Making Vanya’s Theme song during break time And they met many GalaxZ during the Thailand Schedule As the excitement does not cool down, even though the stage is over A ‘hi-touch’ was gladly added with the young fans And finally, the long awaited Thailand fanmeeting scene! Members prepared an exclusive stage for the fanmeeting Enjoyable fanmeeting with GalaxZ has ended Highlight Busking stage was prepared to meet with more fans It was a blissful time with many people’s cheers While running on Thailand schedule GalaxZ gave Z-Stars big energy with their cheering and encouragement Hope to see you again next time Z-Stars finished their first showcase in Thailand Which country will we visit next? Guess where

100 comments on “[Z-Stars] Z-Stars are SENIORS now🙊

  1. Mau tanya…ini juga kan bakal ada 2nd generation z-star.Jadi Gen 1 masih bakal tetap lanjut atau harus pulang kenegara masing-masing?

  2. I like this first batch a lot.. but zenith is trying to I guess form a new batch every year.. I don't k ow if they will have the same vibe as them

  3. Also, don’t forget to watch ZPOP Dream Philippines audition shows on Viva TV! Episode 2 will be aired on Saturday at 9pm. 🙌

  4. Since there will be second generation of z-girls (or batch 2? Idk what they call it), they won't be forever called z-girls right? So I want to give an advice for the current z-girls' name. For me, it's "FieryZ (바이어 리지)". I think it fits their current concept. The pioneering generation, who initially had no projects like themselves, were from different ccountries there were many differences between them, worked hard to pursue the target with a short trainee time, but they had a fiery passion. It's from me. GalaxZ please give a suggestion down below too 🙏

    Berhubung bakal ada z-girls generasi kedua, mereka nggak akan selamanya dipanggil z-girls kan? Jadi aku mau kasih saran untuk nama z-girls yang sekarang. Kalau aku sih "FieryZ (바이어리지)". Menurutku cocok sama konsep mereka yang sekarang. Generasi perintis, yang awalnya belum ada projek seperti mereka, yang dari negara berbeda yang tentunya banyak perbedaan di antara mereka, yang kerja keras kejar target dengan waktu trainee singkat, namun mereka memiliki semangat yang berapi-api. Itu dari aku. GalaxZ tolong kasih saran juga ya di bawah 🙏

  5. Wow!!! I'm really really really really reallllllyyyyt proud of u guys!!!!!!
    Which country nxt u ask?
    COME TO INDIA!!!!🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. Me too want them to come India but I think not most of Indians are familiar with kpop or zpop they are not aware of zstars properly it's not been very long since they debuted so we should wait for little.. may be next year or next to next year

  7. Come to the U.S come to America come to Pasadena Maryland or somewhere near here please all my favorite kpop groups are going through a lot like losing a member and disbanding so right now I am in the depression right now to the point where my depression has depression so can you come see your fans here on AMERICA please and thank you I LOVE YOU

  8. I suggest Zenith use a more effective and cheaper way to promote Z-Stars in Korea. Since koreans are so judgemental and won't let them promote on their shows, we can just make our own. They can rent a ok sized stage for their next official comeback for both groups, and decorate it with neonlights that a lot of korean music shows use and hire Kpop cameramen that can zoom in their facial expression and dancing. Doesn't have to be expensive, so how to do it within a limited budget will have to be very creative. Then they can upload it on Kpop youtube channels like 1thek, Genie Music and KbsWorld so that people across the globe can see them. Zenith can invite GalaxZ fans and non-fans to be the audience. The whole thing is pre-recorded, so it's not a concert. Wouldn't that be great? It will be like they are on a korean music show, but it's their own.

  9. I am excited for their first and new christmas song 🥰 and for the new batch of zstars (can't wait to meet them).

    I am so proud for them.
    Ohhhhh btw, i am also excited for the official name of zboys and zgirls 😉

  10. HOLDUP??? a new batch/group when the zstars don't even have an ep yet?? that sounds very risky and yikes to me like at least let this group shine first they haven't even peaked

  11. Love from the US🇺🇸 I think a good place to promote next would be India or Taiwan but it seems like there are a lot of Indian GalaxZ so maybe there

    We released a teaser clip.
    Already so much fun watching the teaser. Can’t wait to see the full clip.

  13. The 1st gen of Z-Stars are the best. Proud to see them now, they are now much better than the beginning of debut. Now they are shining like stars, the aura of stars really radiates within them. So powerful, strong, charismatic, talented, and of course so alluring.

    It's truly born to be a big Idol. Wow. I'm truly proud of them. FIGHTING Z-STARS, GalaxZ will always support you until the end. LOVE THEM SO MUCH….!!! 💯💯😍😍😍❤❤❤

  14. I mean I wanted to be in the second generation of z-stars but honestly I have severe stage fright so I'm not ready to audition in front of a lot of people just yet so you know what I'm just gonna stick with auditioning online cause honestly I don't think they're coming to the U.S any time soon so yeah whenever auditions online open again I'M GONNA DO IT

  15. I mean singing rapping and dancing acting djing song writing producing is how I would love to get over my stage fright like that is MY DREAM

  16. Wait I didn’t know they were already recruiting future members??? Anyone know where I can check out the new members auditions??

  17. I recently discovered these talented most important people in the world and they showed me that you can do anything. I love you Z-Girls and Z-Boys! You and K POP make my whole world SHINE!!!

  18. Since im from PH🇵🇭 I want them to come to the Philippines but there are still other countries they have not been to yet, so i wish they visit those countries. 💕💕💕

  19. Our babies are already giving out their autographs im about to cry galaxy tear 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 i feel like a proud mother. ❤❤❤❤

  20. in the middle of night I like crazy person who do histerical 😂😂😂 because I want to look closely like their fans in Bangkok,so I got jealouse and I just Imagine I was there 😭😭😭 (ZSTARS. Z-Boys and Z-Girls me support them as always💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕)

  21. Don't disband the current generation PLEASE. I'll support all generations but don't throw away the dreams of the current zstars! I love them!

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